Chocolate cake with chocochip on top

  • ₹599


Have you read his wonderful quote about Chocolates- ‘Stop making everyone happy, you are not chocolate’? Well, chocolates have that quality which makes everyone happy.  It makes one joyful and instantly lifts the mood.  Children and adults alike love to gorge upon chocolates. A chocolate cake with choco chips is a fabulous combination which probably everyone will like to feast upon.  Can you imagine the softness and creaminess of the cake splashed with lovely chocolate? Adding a spark to it are choco chips. Ah- the imagination starts bewildering and you need to shake yourself to come to terms to reality that you still have to order the cake .Go get your chocolate cake with choco chips now from Gift Jaipur.


  • Flavor: Chocolate.(Design of the cake may vary according to the delivery city )
  • Weight: 1/2 kg (You can also set cake weight as per your wish)
  • Egg/Eggless: Pure eggless cake

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