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Handmade Gifts

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Handmade Greeting Cards

There are thousands of occasions when you wish present a gift to someone you love. However, our ideas of gifts often turn out to be repetitive. You would always want your gift to stand out so that the receiver never parts with it. We suggest Handmade Greeting cards are truly the best gift you can think of for your loved ones. These cards can explicitly express your feelings for your dear ones. Well, it is so, because the handmade cards give a personal touch to what you want to convey. They just make the receiver treasure this gift with the memories associated with it. What makes these cards special is that they are customized and they have your complete involvement. They carry your feel and touch to the receiver. Isn’t that interesting? Try out for yourself. Here are some options you can try in.

Handmade cards for birthday

Make your friend’s birthday special by presenting a handmade birthday card. Cakes are obvious gifts on birthday, but if you put in to that a beautifully crafted message on a wonderful card, that will add more sweetness to the day. Think of a befitting message and pen it on the card that just defines your friendship. You may try a Popup Card, or an Alphabet Card out of the choices available for this occasion at GiftJaipur. If you are good at writing, you may also think of Message Cart with a chain of your creative messages. When you really want to make your friend’s birthday memorable, this handmade card for birthday is all you need.

Handmade cards for boyfriend

You surely want to tell your boyfriend how much you love him, don’t you? Not everything can be told in a face-to-face interaction. Pick a lovely handmade card for your boyfriend expressing your adoration for him and make him feel special. You don’t need an occasion for this; love can be and should be expressed impulsively. Gift a Love Express- a train of handmade cards filled with messages to your beau and witness his joy. Add some fun to your association; pick such dialogues or photos that have made your relationship grow stronger. Your boyfriend will be amazed at this and will cherish the card forever.

Handmade cards for Mother’s Day

Mothers are an inseparable part of our life. They mean so much to us. But how many of us tell our mom how much we love her and need her association? Yes, Mother’s Day is that occasion when you can take time for your mom and be with her. Undoubtedly your company itself would make her day; but think of planning a surprise gift too. The best option would be to gift her Mini Album in which you can include some of the most cherished moments with your mom captured in pictures and some sweet messages. Your mother is surely going to love it. In addition, handmade cards for Mother’s Day with your personal involvement will make your day with you mother quite touchy. Don’t miss it, grab your card today!

Handmade cards for anniversary

It’s the day when a lovely couple has completed 25 years of living together. Congratulate them with the handmade greeting card. You want to tell them that they make the best couple in this world and happiness is being with them. When it comes to handmade cards for anniversary, you could think of choosing from Flip card or Waterfall card. You can add some selected beautiful pictures of the couple onto it with befitting captions or messages. This will definitely make them feel how charming they look together. It would remind them of some of the best times of their life. So, go and wish them a very happy anniversary and many more years of togetherness with the handcrafted greeting card.

Handmade cards for Girlfriend

She is your breath; your sweetheart. She deserves so much from you. A surprise handmade card for girlfriend can make her much happier than any other gift. You need not really wait for any occasion to do this, as love can is not time bound. Yet if you wish to preserve this gift for an important event, you could just celebrate the day you met first or proposed with this greeting card. Tell your beloved how special she is to you and how your life is incomplete without her. The best handmade gift online for this lovely relationship would be a Popup card. Try adding some pictures and scribe your emotions out. She will once again fall for you and you will experience a strengthened relationship. Don’t wait any longer, gather your ideas and order for a fascinating card now.

Handmade Valentine cards

We know how much we love the other, but we often forget to express our love as intensely as it should be. Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for all those who are in love, to meet their love and show how much they love each other through some attractive gifts. A Handmade Valentine card is makes the nicest gift. Open your heart through best of your diction and pen it on the card. Your messages are going to underline that you are head over heels in love with each other. You can additionally use some snaps to remind of a few best moments of your togetherness.

When we see all these occasions, the common thread seen is that we wish to express our feelings and emotions to our dear ones. Many a time it is difficult to reach our feelings through oral conversations and that’s where greeting cards come as messiah to us. These customized greeting cards will obviously occupy a distinctive space in the memories of your loved ones. When the greeting cards are handcrafted, they add life to your messages even more deeply. So, whenever you think of gifting something out of the box, go in for these customized greeting cards. GiftJaipur offers you a variety of choices for cards on all types of occasions. We will help you design your memories just the way you have conceived in your mind. Allow us to be a part of your journey of carrying your messages to your loved ones and we assure you all happiness.