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Gems and kitkat cake

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Ever thought about the idea of cakes adorned with gems and kit Kat chocolate? Well, don’t think it’s just a fantasy and a fad idea. Actually it’s a novel and an exciting unique idea that gives gems and chocolate lovers the irresistible combination of their favorite chocolate, gems and a delicious cake. And for the record do you know how it looks? It looks lovely and is such a scrumptious treats that you would want to gobble it all.


  • Half kg gems and kitkat cake( you can set cake weight as per your choice)
  • Pure eggless cake
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Gems and kitkat cake

Gems and kitkat cake

Ever thoug..


This cake is an absolute delight as you get the crunchiness of gems that crackle into your mouth and the crispiness of kit-kat chocolate which is loved by all - which are the main ingredients of this yummy cake. Children will especially love this cake as it is beautifully adorned with their favorite gems and crunchy chocolate. Elders will love it too. So enjoy, this lovely cake embellished with gems and chocolate. This is a great cake for everyone, so order it right now.




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