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Custom Cushions

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Custom Printed Cushions

There are numerous occasions for gifting our loved ones. We have always gifted some of the most common gifts. Among all these routine choices, have you ever thought of presenting someone a cushion as a gift? If not, we insist you consider it. You might feel it is such out of the box. Yet, you must give it a try. A cushion can bring a cosy feel in your relationship. Every relation needs warmth between the ones who share it. Cushion would just be a symbolic representation of the warmth you have and wish to grow between yourselves. You can have personalised cushions now at Jaipur.

Personalised cushion

You may be wondering whether a cushion merely can make this difference. You would need to add some life to the cushion. Yes, that would be custom printed cushions. You don’t have to worry about getting it done. You will only need to select a message or a photograph for your loved ones and we at GiftJaipur are ready to get it stylishly printed on the cushion for you. Think of some creative message, or a message that you would always want to keep telling your beloved. Whenever the receiver is relaxing, your lovely cushion will work wonders.

Cushion for sister: Sisters are the best friends and almost next to mom. Then it’s our duty to make them feel our love and attachment. Stay always connected with your sister by gifting her a customised cushion. You may draft a fine message for her like, ‘I love my sister’, or, ‘My sister is the best’. Your sister will never part with this cushion.

 Cushion for brother: Your brother is the best man in your life at all times. When you may have to stay away from him, you can gift him a personalised cushion with a photo of a sweet memory printed on it. That will always make him feel your presence at all walks of his life. Select the right photo and send it to us, we will have it printed for you. 

Personalised cushion for mother: On this Mother’s Day, think of this novel idea of customised cushion for your mom, with a touchy message on it. She will be glad to see how much you love her and that you do so much for her happiness. Your mother will surely cherish it. Don’t wait, order one now.

Cushions for couple: The relation of a couple is always filled with fun, arguments, love and much more. Give your relationship a new face in the cushion. Have a custom printed cushion for each other with some fun-filled messages, like, ‘Mr/Mrs always right’, or ‘I love my husband/wife’. This will end all your arguments the moment you see the cushion.

 Cushion is a support to the person. When the same cushion has some sweet photos and messages printed for the special person, it will turn out to be more than a physical support. It will add comfort to the life even more and strengthen the feelings of togetherness. You can get your customised cushions at Jaipur the way you wish. Order for these wonderful gifts now. We assure a hassle-free and timely delivery to your doorstep.