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The Grand Celebrations of Valentine Day- Across the World and in India!


Valentine’s Day arrives every year on the 14th day of February marking the celebration of love. Gifts, candies, flowers, cakes and what not are exchanged among the loved ones to show affection and warmth. The art of the perfect gift is an important aspect of Valentine’s Day. Your gift shouldn’t be accompanied with obligations. If your girlfriend or boyfriend lives in Jaipur and you want to give gift, then you can send valentine gifts to Jaipur by using online gift sites. Also, you should not expect anything in return. It should be simply because you want to make her feel special and it should be something she desires.

So what is the secret behind this age old holiday? What are the traditions that define it from ancient Roman customs to Victorian England?


As per the most famous legend, St Valentine or Valentines was a Roman priest who was martyred during the 3rd century in Rome. During that era, Emperor Claudius II denied marriage to young soldiers since he decided that single men were better soldiers than the ones with families. St Valentine realized the injustice in the system and secretly continued to marry off single girls and boys. When Claudius discovered this, St Valentine was ordered to be martyred.

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Other theories state that St Valentine might have been murdered while he was trying to free the Christian prisoners from the Roman prisons where conditions for the inmates were very harsh and cruel. As per a famous story, Valentine himself fell in love with the jailer’s daughter while he was still in prison.  Just before he was killed, it’s said that he left her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” This is a popular expression still used by many on Valentine’s Day. There are several other legends accompanying the mysterious history of Valentine. But all of them refer to him as a hero for fallen lovers. And so, by the Middle Ages, St Valentine became one of the most famous priests in England and Rome.

As per another popular belief, Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated on the ides of February to honor the death of St Valentine. As per others, it is believed that the church placed St Valentines’ feast day on the day the pagan festival of Lupercalia was celebrated. This was done to Christianize this fertility festival dedicated to Faunus- the Roman God of Agriculture.

To start with, prominent members of the Luperci or the Order for Roman Priests would congregate at a holy cave. This spot is believed to be the place where the female wolf Luca cared for the infants Romulus and Remus, who later on rose to be the founders of the ancient city of Rome. The ceremony would then be followed by the sacrifice of a goat for fertility and a dog for purification. They would then remove the goat skin, dip it into its blood and slap women on the streets and agricultural lands with the hide for fertility. After that all the spinsters in the city would place their names in a huge vase. The bachelors would pick up a name and be paired with this selected woman for a year. Often these matches would culminate in marriage.

Whatever be the history, the 14th of February began to be celebrated as the day of love both in England and Rome, which later on extended to every part of the world. As per popular French and English belief, the mid of February is the time when the mating season of birds begin! So what could be a better date than this to dedicate to romance?

The art of gift giving 
Greetings marked the beginning of Valentine’s Day celebrations. The oldest known greeting is a poem written in the year 1415 by the Duke of Orleans-Charles to his wife while he was held captive in the Tower of London. In England, Valentines’ day celebrations began by exchanging small handwritten letters. It was only by 1900 that printed cards began to be used with the advent of printing technology. The Americans had started exchanging had made cards on this special occasion long back in the 17th century.
The art of the perfect gift is an important aspect of Valentine’s Day. Your gift shouldn’t be accompanied with obligations. You should not expect anything in return. It should be simply because you want to make her feel special and it should be something she desires. The best gifts are the ones that carry emotions and memories with them. Rather than the price or the extravaganza, the perfect gifts are the ones which are thoughtful and remind your partner of a special event or date.

There are plenty of gift ideas to make this one day in a year memorable and extraordinary. From honey sweet chocolates to personalized souvenirs, put together your creative ideas in order to carve the best valentine present for your loved one. You might not know, but you can surprise your partner with some of the most amazing historical artifacts that signify love and romance. Starting from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Taj Mahal to Horace Greasley’s Prison Camp Escapes; all of them express passion and affection to their lovers. What would be more amazing than gifting such an exquisite piece of art to your partner? With more than 140 million cards exchanged every year, this is the event that marks the second largest exchange of cards.

Celebrations across cultures

valentine day celebrationValentine’s Day might be of Christian origin, but today it has travelled to every nook and corner of the world.

In Japan, this day celebs are marked by the art of chocolate giving. Here, more often, women resort to gifting handmade and readymade chocolates to their men rather than vice verse.  It’s a culture there, that men would return this gesture on the 14th of March with white chocolate and hence the name “White Day”.

In Ghana, Valentine’s Day is also known as National Chocolate Day, since this country is also one of the largest exporters of cocoa. The celebrations promote Ghana’s contribution to chocolate by exquisite chocolate themed restaurant menus and museums.

Philippines have come with a lovely way of celebrating this day. They are famous for the mass wedding celebration in which thousands of couples come together to be married at an open space in a grand ceremony.   

In South Africa, lovers express their passion by tagging the name of their partner on their sleeves; whereas in Guatemala, the streets are laden with performers dressed in colors and Mayan clothing. Estonia has come up with yet another name- “Friends Day” to mark the importance of Valentines’ Day, so that single people are not left out from the celebrations.

France, on the other hand holds one of the strangest cultures to celebrate this day. They have a tradition called “Drawing for Love” in which men and women are to enter opposite facing buildings in which they call each other’s names. If they like their partner, they are paired up, else they just resume calling again!

Flowers are the main essence of gift giving in Germany. These lovely assortments are usually decorated in the shape of Valentine adornments and accompanied with endearing messages.

Celebrations in India love celebration across all culture

With all these cultures offering a warm welcome to St Valentine, India is also not much far behind in the race. Though our culture is known to be traditional and opposing the Western ways, the whiff of love couldn’t escape this ancient land. Valentine’ day has gained widespread popularity among the urban crowd in recent years. Young couples are seen in full colors and vigor, restaurants are booked and flower plus gift shops are packed beyond capacity. Although this day is not a public holiday in India, people may opt to take a personal holiday in order to spend time with their loved ones. Popular gift choices include flowers, cakes, cupids, cards and chocolates.

Celebrations in India start a month before the grand day. Promotions begin across online shops, newspapers and malls to attract the youngsters. Advanced bookings in pubs, discs and restaurants are done long before the 14th of February to avail the best offers and discount coupons. Card and gift stores are packed with cupids and arrows to stand out among the crowd. Flowers and cakes are the most popular options among the regular guys as they are both affordable and meaningful. Florist shops are crowded with assortment of red roses as they signify love and romance.

Gift giving in India

valentines day gift delivery in JaipurThe art of gift giving has become fairly easy in India. Delivering flowers, cakes and chocolates is an old tradition of gift giving on Valentine’s Day. Earlier people had to order them separately from bakers and florists. But now, the web is full of websites who will deliver these exotic combos from anywhere in the world to any place in India. You can go for the best online option where all your preferences will be in one catalogue with just a few clicks away. Such websites are often owned by the manufacturers themselves. They source the best from the wholesalers and then partner with destination specific courier services.

A woman might say, she doesn’t want anything on Valentine’s Day, but it’s always a secret code. Buy her a bouquet of exotic flowers; the fragrance will make her smile for ages. And you will be glad you took that simple effort! Flowers are the best way to express romance and they don’t even cost you a fortune. During the Victorian Era, flowers emerged as the romantic language for expressing emotions. You may not know, but there is an art in giving flowers; from their size, shape and color to how they are presented, each holds a secret code. Each type of bouquet can contain secret messages for your lady to decipher and understand what you wish to communicate. Interesting isn’t it? The art of giving flowers can revive that mysterious tradition, if you put your thoughts into each selection without buying a readymade collection from the nearest store.

So on your special day, present your lady with a dictionary with the secret meaning behind each flower. Each flower might depict the various aspects of love. A sample is given below:

  • Carnation- Undying attraction towards you
  • Daisy- In love I shall be forever truthful
  • Orchid- I reminisce in the exquisiteness of your love
  • Red rose- You and I and our passionate love
  • White rose- Love that’s sweet and innocent
  • Mauve lily- Are you still in love with me?
  • Honeysuckle – The unfailing tie of love
  • Red camellia-  You are the burning flame in my heart that never dies
  • Forget-me-not: My love is faithful and I shall forever cherish our memories

Arrangement of red roses in glass vase-500x500Flower-Delivery in jaipur-500x500tumblr_n9xwrflL5V1sotvhso1_1280-500x500mixed-color-roses-basket-500x500

As flowers are the major essence of Valentines’ Day in India, when you choose a bouquet, there are certain tips you can always adhere to:

  • Choose a wide variety in your collection; this will earn more appreciation and will surely catch his/her attention. Always go for a website that has a large assortment.
  • Go for seasonal varieties; not only will they fit your budget, but this will also ensure freshness.
  • Ask assistance to always give the proper address, name, contact details and exact time
  • Every time you are confused, ask the florist to advise you for the arrangement that will match her persona and sentiments.
  • And in the end, get help from the professional florist to translate your feelings into those befitting florets. And trust me; India has no dearth of them!

Once you have the internet, you just need a credit card to order the combo as per your choice and budget. You can order it from a hotel, airport, car or even a boat and get it delivered to your desired destination in no time! Sometimes you might prefer adding a personalized message just to make your special one realize how much you love him/her!

All the major cities in India have access to websites, where experts add their own personal touch to your thoughts, taste buds and emotions! From online reviews get an idea about their expertise and then choose the best one. WebPages have well designed online brochures with a wide variety of options for combos. You can just scroll through the sites, surf through the site, select the assortment of petals as per the occasion, or keep them for later purchase under “my choices”. And yes, don’t forget to tag it along with her favorite choice of succulent cake or chocolate! Once you are done with ordering, you can track the progress through your login credentials so that you don’t remain in the dark. There are many options available as per your preference- same day delivery, fixed time delivery and midnight delivery. Nothing could be more amazing than to see her puffy eyes light up in joy and surprise at the sight of your valentine bouquet and her gift with that special engraved message, just at 12 in the night!

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