Traditional Cakes from the World


In recent times, cakes have become a compulsory item for most parties and occasions. But cakes have been with us for a very long time. From the time of the ancient Egyptians, bakeries have been found where bread and cakes were baked on a hot stone. The Egyptians were also the ones who discovered that yeast could be used to help the cake rise properly. Later on whipped eggs were also discovered as a good raising agent in the 18th century. Finally, baking soda and baking powder were invented for the sole purpose of raising cakes during the 1850s. With the invention of ovens where temperature could e regulated, baking cake became even more refined.

Now cakes are available all over the world, even in small, rural places. Bakeries are available in every corner. If not, you can even order online cakes in Jaipur and other many other places. Buying cakes from stores has never been easier. And if you don’t want to buy, then you can bake one for yourself easily at your home. While so many different varieties of cakes are currently available, there are certain cakes which are traditionally famous for a particular country. Given below are some of the famous ones.

  • France Galette des rois is the traditional cake of the French. The translation of the name means ‘King’s Cake’. According to tradition this cake was usually eaten after Christmas in the first week of January. But at present this cake has become so popular that the bakeries have started keeping them for the whole month.
  • Germany – Germany is famous for its Black Forest Cherry Cake. It is more famous in the south-east region known as the Black forest region. It is said that the original form of this cake actually came from Switzerland, but the Germans have taken it up and made it much better. It is made of chocolate cake layers which are separated by whipped cream and cherries. It is topped with more whipped cream, chocolate shavings and decorative cherries.
  • Turkey/Greece – Turkey is well-known for a variety of sweets which are made from honey, layered pastry and dried fruits. But Revani is their famous traditional cake. This moist cake is made with semolina and a little bit of lemon. The orange syrup is added to make the cake moist. As Turkey and Greece have a great connection, this cake is found in both the cuisines.
  • Japan – During the New Year’s Eve, the Japanese are found to make this special type of cake from rice paste, which is known as Mochi. This is found in a large variety like soups and ice creams. As rice paste can be easily moulded and mixed with different ingredients, mochi can be found in various forms.
  • India – In India, the Mawa cake is quite traditionally famous. This is a milk-based cake which has a slight touch of nuts like cashews and almond and a little bit of cardamom. Mumbai is quite famous for the mawa cakes and the rare Irani cafes are found to serve this special cake.
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