Top Tips to Celebrate Your 20th Birthday


At twenty years, you have officially clocked two decades of life. You are past the wild teenage years and one step closer to life as an adult.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate your 20th birthday when you leave teenage behind and have some amazing years as an adult up ahead.

  • Head down town: You are not yet allowed to sample alcoholic beverages, but there are many other ways to celebrate being 20. You can have a blast with your close friends, dancing away the night at a venue, down town. Hit some awesome down town spots for a night of fun.
  • Organize a party: even if night life is not your scene, you can still throw a party for fun. Invite all your friends, arrange for drinks and food as well as music and order birthday cakes online. If you own a pool, a pool side party will be awesome. You can either keep it small with intimate friends or go for a full blow out party.
  • Go on a road trip: Do you love travelling and exploring new places? Travel either to your favourite location or to a completely new one, that intrigues you. Just hit the road and go for a long drive in an unknown place. You may be in for some surprising experiences.
  • Beach holiday: whether you are 10 or 20, there is no better idea than hitting the beach. Lather up in suntan oil, get a groovy sun tan and enjoy the sparkling water to swim or to wet your feet. The bonus is that this location is mostly free. If there is no beach in your vicinity, go in for riverside or lake side.
  • Dinner celebration:  A birthday dinner is a great way to celebrate your hitting 20. Go out to your most loved eating place and splurge on best items on the menu. After all, it is an important birthday. Dress formal or casual for the occasion.


  • Movie night: A movie night is an idea that is sure to click with most people. All you have to do is pay for the tickets and then you can enjoy the movie. The movie can feature your favourite actors or belong to a favourite genre or the latest blockbuster. Grab a meal before or after the movie for an enjoyable occasion.
  • Hit the amusement park: You will not go wrong with this idea as an amusement park has something for everyone. For the weak kneed, there are simple and cute rides and for the brave hearts, there are crazy roller coasters. Also, there are amazing food kiosks, delicious treats and awesome games. This is an expensive idea but will help your guests enjoy the whole day.
  • Shopping spree: Most people love to do some shopping therapy to lift up their moods. Wouldn’t you love to hit the nearby malls for a crazy shopping spree where you can spend all your birthday money? Take your friend to shop till you drop, using the money gifted by the likes of your grandparents.
  • Relive past birthdays: How about going down memory lane and hosting pyjama night party for all your girlfriends.  Celebrate with things you enjoyed as a kid: some favourite cartoon movies, Barbie doll sets and adorning yourself with pink nail polish. Buy birthday cakes online India resembling your birthday parties as a kid.

These are some ideas on how to celebrate your 20th birthday.

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