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Top 3 Cake Flavors for Parties

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The best part about organizing a party or a get together is the dessert segment of it! Everyone loves dessert especially cakes and pastries which is why these are the most sought-after dessert options for people organizing parties. There are tons of different flavors on the market that you can choose from which can get a little confusing. It is best to go with classic flavors that are all-time favorites instead of experimenting with new ones.

Here are the top 3 cake flavors that you can pick from for your party which are favorites across the world and also easily available –

1.Classic Chocolate
The classic chocolate cake is a famous worldwide for its simplicity of the flavor palette as well as the availability of this cake. There are a lot of variants these days for a classic chocolate cake such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate etc. The classic chocolate cake consists of different layers of chocolate cake stuck together with a thick chocolate buttercream tope with some more chocolate buttercream, chocolate shavings and some nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts, almond shavings etc. These cakes are generally very heavy on the stomach which means that you cannot have more than one slice. Chocolate buttercream is heavy on the stomach along with the eggs and nuts which is why a lot of people prefer chocolate cake for servings since no one asks for more than one serving due to its richness!

2.Black forest
For people who aren’t very fond of extremely chocolatey flavors and the richness and heaviness of the classic chocolate cake, black forest is the right cake for them! The chocolate layered cake contains fresh cherries, caramelized cherries as well as a fresh whipped cream to give it that light fluffy texture. This cake is not very heavy on the stomach either which is what makes it so popular amongst chocolate lovers. In India, most of the people love black forest cake and you can easily order this online as well as an online bakery that does online cake delivery in Bhiwadi and across the country. You can also order black forest pastries for parties which is less messy to serve and easy to clean up as well!

Mixed fruit
Mixed fruit is that one flavor that everyone loves, and you can never really go wrong with mixed fruit cakes or pastries! The thick whipped cream, buttercream and the fresh cream between the vanilla flavors is a taste that is enjoyed by everyone. Let’s not forget the yummy and colorful seasonal fruits cut up and put on the cake and inside the cake!

A lot of bakeries also add caramel on top of the cake as well as slight caramel syrup within the layers with a bit of a salty edge to it. You can easily order a seasonally mixed fruit cake at any bakery in your city as well on online bakeries that offer online cake delivery in Bhiwadi and across the country.

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