Top 10 Flowers Which Is the Best to Gift

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With hundreds of varieties of floral arrangements occur throughout the planet, to say you’ve got options would be tricky. Whether you are planning to send flowers as a gift to Jaipur, consider seasonal flower arrangements to get the job done. So, you need to go to the flower shop in Jaipur. This shop allows fresh and bright seasonal flowers which grow in March. This month is the first mark of the month of the spring season.

Here are the top 10 flowers which consider as the best gift for special occasions.

The Best Spring Season Flower from Gift Jaipur

1. Rose: The gorgeous and stunning flowers come in handy for any occasion like an anniversary, birthday etc. It comes in different shades as pink, yellow and white. Red rose is a good selection as an expression of romantic love. It is the most popular flower for the birthday. You can gift it to someone who born June month.

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2. Lily: Sweet and delicate white flowers prefer for weddings and parties. It is suitable for a birthday. You can give a gift to one who burns in May month.


3.Peony: It is gorgeous pink petals are known for the 12th wedding anniversary flower. You can gift it to make symbolized for a happy marriage.

4.Tulip: This booming flower makes a beautiful floral arrangement. You can give it a gift on any occasion Anniversary birthday.

 5.Gerbera: It is the perfect choice for symbolized of purity, virtue and even cheerfulness, well speak to the season. It prefers for the birthday. You can gift it to one who burns in April month.


6.Iris: This flower considers for the messenger of love. So, most of us prefer it for the representation of love, cherished friendship, and passion! You can send it as a birthday gift to one who burns in February month.

 7.Daffodil: These flowers are a symbol of the beginning of a new life and also are the best thing to welcome springs. It is suitable for a birthday. You can gift it to one who burns in March month to explains a lot of feelings of your heart.

8.Daisy: This pretty, fun flowers are the best to gift for Women ‘Day, Mother ‘day or new beginning life. It symbolized for innocent and purity.

9.Orchids: it is colorful and fragrant flowers are the best o gift for Wedding or Events. It signifies for love, luxury, beauty, and strength.

10.Carnations: Its amazingly beautiful petals make the perfect gift. It is the best option for a birthday to one who born in January month. You can choose in the form of mixed flower bouquet or bunches to please your loved one.


These are aforementioned the best flowers to gift to say the true feelings of your heart. Whether you choose to adorn your family, friend or even your beloved with stunning flower arrangement, gifting these fresh spring flowers will instantly please someone and help you to celebrate the season.
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