Tips to plant winter flower bulbs


It could be that the person is interested in enhancing the beauty of his home by planting flowers of different types. But, he might not have had classes in gardening or that kind of passion in him. But this does not mean that he cannot plant flowers. With some tips, planting flower bulbs can become quite easy and the results just beautiful and sure to be appreciated by every onlooker.

Why flower bulbs?

Flower corm is popular among master and amateur gardeners because it has less maintenance issues, can be quite innovative and also easy for gardening. Moreover, flower bulbs are considered to be suitable towards to be grown in pots or garden. One can also contemplate to send flowers in Jaipur India by ordering them online from one of the reputed sites.


There are two flower corm types available like:

  • True bulbs (Onion type) having nose/bud covered with scales and protected by thin skin layer. For instance, Hyacinths, Tulips, Iris, Alliums and Narcissi.
  • Skinny flowery bulbs such as Fritillaries and Lilies.

Some group types technically within Flower corm category is not stated to be flower bulbs. Rather, they are termed to be Corms that can be either Crocus or Gladioli. Although they may appear like flower bulbs, in reality, they come without the leaves or scales and are basically stems in the underground filled with food.

It is in spring time that rewards can be derived from Rhizomes, Corms and Flower Bulbs. Also, they can be planted effortlessly and is a better indication that spring is close by.

Some useful tips to follow

  • It is when ground is cool that Corm is better planted.
  • Until planting, it will be wise to have the label kept as it is in the corm. Without this, it will become tough to differentiate between the bulbs and thus, mistakes can take place.
  • Bulbs can be planted anywhere in the garden according to the design layout. However, ensure that there is proper draining of soil.
  • Those areas are to be avoided where water may gather and coagulate. For instance, hill bottom.
  • A planting bed is to be prepared for flower bulbs by having soil dug. This way, it becomes workable and loose.
  • The pointy is better planted end of flower bulb in upward direction.
  • The big corm is to be planted around 8” deeper as well as small by around 5” deep.
  • Fertilizers are better not used during the initial year. Flower bulbs are termed as food storage houses. For flowering, they do not require anything in the first year.
  • It is clusters that the bulbs are to be planted and not singly.
  • It is wise to plant low in the front and high corm just behind them. It is regarded to be a general rule for the flower bulbs which bloom simultaneously and also offer that camouflage effect.

The above tips can be followed to plant flower bulbs or simply consider online flower delivery Jaipur to get fresh flowers to impress the beloved one.

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