Tips to Celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Occasions

Fifty years of being together is indeed a special thing to celebrate for the couple. Traditionally, this celebration is symbolized with gold gifts. There are several ideas that are present to celebrate this special day.

Some tips for having a golden anniversary party

  • Timing of the celebration: This is an important decision to be taken, which is quite obviously on the special occasion. However, there are chances of the couple having their very own plans to celebrate on another day. It is better to avoid weekends and holidays, since there can be heavy rush everywhere.
  • Guest list: It will be wise to begin the list with the family and then to include relatives, friends, colleagues and co-workers and others known.
  • Some activities as a host: Playing old songs belonging to the decade they got married can be a fabulous idea. Again, the couple might have some specific musical taste. Hence, styles and songs are to be selected accordingly.
  • Cakes: These do form the most important items at the anniversary. Order anniversary cake from reputed online stores and get prompt delivery of freshly baked cakes. With plenty of patterns and designs readily available, the choice is simply endless.
  • Anniversary decoration ideas: The venue decoration needs to be symbolic. It is very much crucial for creating that perfect ambiance. Few traditional elements can actually help to establish that perfect stage for celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary.
  • The right theme is to be selected as the anniversary which can add immense beauty to the party and make it all the memorable and cherishing.


Some ideas for the decoration

  • Having wedding album or photos displayed.
  • Have pictures taken over the years displayed.
  • Have the original wedding dress displayed.
  • Several items from original wedding day are to be used as much as possible for recreating the original event.
  • Few copies of old hymns and songs of the original wedding to be displayed.
  • Nice recent picture belonging to the couple is to be displayed.

Food ideas

It will be a great idea to hire a reputed caterer known to cook fabulous cuisines. Also, it will be useful to order anniversary cake online India and get choice of cakes for the 50th anniversary celebration. This way, the couple and the other family members will get ample time to mix with the guests and entertain them thoroughly. Moreover, the caterers will make sure that the food prepared is delicious, tasty and mouth-watering.

Guest party favours

  • Chocolate bar with personalized wrapper for commemorating the day.
  • Cello bag consisting of chocolates wrapped neatly in gold foil and tied with gold ribbon.
  • Beautiful brocade pouch that is filled with chocolate and wrapped neatly in gold foil, tied with gold tassel.
  • Gold toned, small picture frame having the couple’s portrait.
  • Personalized champagne split exclusively for the event.
  • CD with music to be played at the party.

With the above tips and a properly selected cake, it is possible to enhance the moods of everyone at the anniversary party celebration.

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