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Tips to Organise an Employee’s Birthday Celebration


Celebrating the birthdays of your employees is a way of showing how valued they are. It motivates them to perform better at work and also makes them loyal towards the company. Thus, more and more companies make an effort to organise a celebration for their employees on their birthdays. It is a way of showing your employees that you pay attention to even minute details.

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Though one may feel that putting all the elements of a celebration together may be difficult at the office,yet here’s a look at simple ways to make the celebration memorable for your employee:

  1. Make a custom video

This job requires more attention and editing skills so you might take the help from team members as well. The idea is to make a small video that shows the individual’s contribution to the company, their special moments, their personality, and what their colleagues have to say about them. You will have to ask each staff member to record their response and, then a full-fledged video is to be prepared.

  1. The next thing do is select a gift

While there is a long list of generic gifts that can be given to your employees, it is always a great idea to add a personal touch to the gift to make it even special. You need to ask his/her teammates about the individual’s interest and passions, for example, sport, music, cars, etc. Try to customize your gift around these things so that they cherish the gift forever and feel valued.

  1. Arrangements

When it comes to arrangements, it depends on the level of celebration you are planning. You might arrange a lunch or dinner for your staff by hiring a catering service or simply arrange for some snacks or beverages; it works both the ways. Then comes the coveted part of the celebration- birthday cake. These days you can order birthday cakes online and get them delivered at your doorstep. The cake delivery in Ajmer is made on the same date and time as mentioned without any hassle of going to the bakery and getting it made.

  1. Desk decoration

Another way to surprise your teammate is to decorate their desk before they arrive at the office on their birthday. You need a few balloons, confetti, and festoons to decorate their cubicle or cabin. This would be a pleasant surprise for them when they arrive at work.

  1. Involve the leaders

It is a good idea to involve the top authorities of your company in the celebration as it would make your teammate feel special. When your seniors make time for you, you feel an essential part of the organisation. These small gestures motivate the employees to perform better and meet their goals.

There aremany ideas and tips for making the celebration at yourworkplace enjoyable. However, you need to be careful of the office culture and protocols so that you don’t cross any lines or break any rules.

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