Tips on How to Celebrate First Anniversary

Anniversary Occasions

The first wedding anniversary is a great milestone like your wedding day. It marks the fact that you have survived the most difficult first year of your marriage. It is also an occasion for nostalgia and assess how far you have come since your wedding day.


Here are a few tips on how to celebrate your first anniversary:

  • Exchange gifts: Some couples do not gift each other. But thoughtful couples use this occasion to exchange gifts and let each other know how much you mean to each other. There is no need to be extravagant, and the crux is to be sensitive and considerate. Traditional symbol of first anniversary is paper. This gives you many options like gifting a poem, penned on paper.
  • A memorable cake:Some couples are in the habit of freezing portions of their wedding cake and enjoying them on their first anniversary date. To preserve the cake, one should wrap in moisture and vapor proof freezer bags. After freezing it for a few hours so that icing is set, it must be enclosed in plastic. If you don’t want to freeze cake, you can make an anniversary cake order online. This cake can be of the same flavour as your wedding cake and decorate it with your wedding flowers.
  • Share your wedding dance: Go down memory lane and enjoy a spin in your living room, reliving your wedding dance to your wedding song.
  • Go through wedding photos and videos: Relive your wedding day, going through wedding albums and videos. Snuggle in your couch while doing this and keep some popcorn for adding to the fun.
  • Re-visit site of reception: Go back to the venue of your reception and order something on the menu of that event. If this is not possible, cook at home something on your wedding menu.
  • Go on a second honeymoon: Go back to the place of your first honeymoon or plan a new romantic getaway. A great way to de-stress would be to chill out in a scenic location with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company.
  • Throw a party: It could be a grand one or an intimate one, with only close friends and family. It is a great idea for couples who did not have a wedding reception or eloped to marry. This party can be an occasion to thank all who supported you as a couple.
  • Bring out the champagne: Arrange a favourite brand of champagne or whip up the unique cocktail served at your wedding. Toast each other with the bubbly. This is a great way to celebrate one year of your wedded life.
  • Renew wedding vows: Repeat your wedding vows with a priest or an officiant. You can invite guests like that for your wedding or only some close friends and family. Arrange an anniversary cake order online to reprise your wedding and reception.
  • Romantic night out: This is a great way to spend quality time with each other. Reserve table at a favourite restaurant. After dinner, go out dancing or for a dessert.
  • Backyard BBQ for family: A family oriented couple can celebrate anniversary by hosting a family BBQ night. This is a casual way to bond with family. Plan a potluck if weather plays foul.

These are some ideas on how to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

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