Tips on How to Celebrate A 25th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Occasions

A grand celebration is in order for a 25th wedding anniversary. Planning the celebrations should begin much in advance whether you plan an intimate get together or a full-blown party.  The two options are: either you organize a surprise party or plan the party with inputs from the couple. Another option is to leave it to the couple on how to celebrate the occasion.

Going Traditional:

There are certain traditional symbols associated with every wedding anniversary. The most prominent symbol for 25th wedding anniversary is silver. A radiant shine is provided to the party by using silver decorations and so also the gifts themed on silver bestowed on the couple. The flower symbolic of this anniversary is the Iris, so make sure you decorate the premises with these lovely flowers. One can rely on online booking of flowers in Jaipur.

Planning Celebrations:

Children of the happy couple may wish to organize a grand party for this momentous occasion. But the couple may well have their own ideas on how to celebrate the occasion. For instance, they may be planning a romantic cruise without any disturbance. Hence, it is good to check with the couple whether the party you plan may get in the way of their intimate plans. Very often, you can still go ahead with the party on dates that do not interfere with the plans of the couple.


Theme of Celebrations:

Mostly, you can go in for a silver themed fun celebration. For instance, you can go retro, with a 70’s themed party complete with bell bottoms and retro music. Whatever be the theme, the food and décor must suit the theme. For country lovers, a country themed party with country music, fried chicken on the menu, and invitees dressed in country get-up will do very well.  A couple with urban tastes may like an intimate dinner with close friends and family at an upscale restaurant. The key is to plan well in advance, be it a surprise party or not.

Saving Memories:

Going down memory lane is apt for this wedding anniversary. Make a memory book filled with jottings about importantevents and mile stones of the couple’s life and some truly enjoyable photographs. Homevideos of the couple can be tweaked to form a presentation complete with the background score of their favourite music.

What Do Couples Want to Do?

A silver wedding anniversary may be the occasion where the couple would like to celebrate in their own way. Here are some ideas for couples to celebrate their big day:

  • Exchange gifts: Gifting each other isa thoughtfulgesture much loved on this anniversary. For the husband, silver watch or silver cufflinks are appropriate. For the wife, you have a wide choice from silver jewellery to silver knick-knacks. For both of you, a silver framed photo holder with an intimate photo willbe a good present.
  • Plan a vacation: By the time you reach this anniversary, most couple will be financially stable. This is the right occasion to take amuch-desired vacation like a romantic cruise. You can afford to take bonus experiences like a beach front dinner or massage at a spa. You can even go down memory lane to the place where you honeymooned.
  • Renew you vows: Go back in time and get married all over again. Invite the same guests and recreate your reception. Plan six to seven weeks in advance, just like your wedding. You can repeat your wedding vows and promise a future of love and fidelity. You can close the occasion with dancing, dinner and even a grand cake. You can book online for anniversary cakes.

These are some tips on how to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.



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