Rose Garden in Containers

Tips To Grow Beautiful Rose Garden within Pots

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You may perhaps be fascinated with flowers and want to have your own garden. But lack of space may prohibit you from carrying out this plan. If flowers, especially roses are what you love, then you can have definitely had a mini rose garden by growing them in pot of soil! The fact is flowers which grow in the ground are easily grown in the container. Potted roses require additional fertilizing and watering and do make excellent additions and beauty to the balconies, decks, and patios.

Guide to growing rose in the container

  • Select container: Clay or plastic can be used as the container. Plastic is opted in colder climates as it prevents cracking during cold temperatures. Clay pots are suitable for warmer climates as they keep cool the rose roots during hot weather. Large containers are to be selected, being 10” deep for miniature roses and 1 ½’ tall; again, 1’ deep for patio roses to about 2’ tall; 15” deep pots to accommodate small shrub roses to about 2’-3’ tall, as well as 18” – 22” deep for those larger shrub roses growing to about 4’ tall.
  • Mix soil properly: Roses are considered to be heavy feeders and require plenty of nutrients to grow and bloom. The container grown ones do require consistent diet filled with quality nutrients and soil. Then mix together the ingredients like garden compost, potting soil and carefully rotted mushroom compost or steer manure in equal amounts. Also, cup of perlite can be included for added drainage along with cup of bonomeal for fertilizing.
  • Plant the roses: Now fill containers with planting mix in 2/3rds. Then place rose on soil surface with roots spread out gently. Fill it with planting mix and include additional plants desired. Cascading plants such as sweet potato vine can be excellent additions. Water thoroughly.
  • Take proper and timely care: Container roses are to be watered and fertilized more often when compared to those ground grown ones. Poking finger into soil surface, if it is found dry by around 1”, then it is watering time. Fertilize for every two weeks using preferred water soluble fertilizer. During cold winters, move the potted roses indoors. In spring, apply Epsom salts, one tablespoon at the each plant’s base to derive healthy foliage. Applying fish emulsion during springtime is wonderful for blooms. The keep containers spaced by around 2’ apart to ensure better air circulation around the roses. This will help reduce risk of catching fungal diseases. Good amount of sunlight for about 6 – 7 hours a day will be necessary for potted roses. Pruning and schedule regime is quite similar to that of the inground roses.

Some suggested potted roses

Almost all types of roses can grow wonderful in pots, but not climbers and large shrubs. There are available roses labelled ‘patio rose / large miniatures,’ ‘miniature,’ ‘medium shrub rose,’ and ‘small shrub.’ You can choose them according to your preference.

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