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Tips for Throwing the Best Brunch Party


Spring and summers call for relaxed brunch parties with loads of good food and drinks with your friends. Organizing a party is usually pretty stressful right from the guest list to the food and dessert menus. When planning out a brunch party, it is extremely important to ensure that all the guests are attended to and the weather doesn’t get too hot for your guests especially if you are partying outdoors. Here are a few tips for hosting the perfect brunch party for your family and friends this summer –

Select a good location

Try picking a location where the sun doesn’t hit your guests directly on the face or on their head. Since it is an outdoor brunch party, ensure you have sun roofs, huge umbrella roofs on the tables or a huge tent like structure to prevent the sun from harshing out the relaxed brunch party. No one wants to get sweaty at a party especially when you are dressed to impress! You can arrange for a temporary roofing in your backyard or on your terrace for the party which you can later take down.

Fresh drinks and beverages

Ensure you have fresh citrusy drinks that are chilled which are perfect for the sunny brunch party outdoors. You can have mojitos, chilled beers, cocktails and other cold alcoholic beverages along with a good balance of non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade, coconut water, virgin mojitos, virgin pina coladas and other such fun drinks. These are perfect for an outdoor party especially during a sunny brunch party!

Food menu and desserts

Ensure that your food menu isn’t loaded with extremely spicy food. Since it’s a sunny brunch, you don’t want your guests sweating it out a little more than usually because of your spicy food. Ensure the food is healthy and light on the stomach such as chicken salads, garlic bread, grilled chicken, grilled patties and other items that are not too spicy. For the desserts, keep it light with fresh cream pastries or tarts and even Indian sweets! You can find the best range of sweets from Kanha online order website where you can browse through various different sweets to pick from.

Party favors

Party favors are a very simple yet brilliant way to add excitement to the party right when it has ended. Simple party favors such as a goodie bags filled with cookies, organic soaps, scented candles and other such small and thoughtful presents are a brilliant way to thank your guests for showing up at your party. These days, you can shop for all of these items from any e-gifting website that lets you send gifts to JaipurRanipur or any part of India for extremely low shipping rates! You don’t have to waste time driving around at different stores and malls looking for these items.

Apart from this, you can play some fun music in the background to create a relaxed yet cheerful ambience to ensure all your guests are entertained even when they aren’t talking during eating!

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