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Thoughtful Gifting Options for Newborns

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The birth of a child in the house is one of the most precious gifts to a family. While this is emotional and exciting news, this can also be quite tiring and exhausting with adjusting to the new born baby in the house. Everything from sleeping patterns to food and work need to be adjusted according to the baby. So, when you plan to gift your loved ones on the birth of their child, it is necessary to give them thoughtful presents which they can put to good use. You can send flowers via online flower delivery in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Meerut or any other town in India along with a basic greeting card but it is essential to give them a gift that would be of use in their daily lives.

Here’s a list of thoughtful things you can gift your loved one on the birth of their child –

Baby clothes
As a baby grows every day, he/she is going to require more clothes so one of the best options for gifting a new born is a set of fresh new clothes. It is also advisable to purchase a size or two bigger so that the baby can grow into it. This way your clothes don’t go to waste within just 6 to 8 months of the baby growing up. You can also get customized clothes, bath towels, handkerchiefs etc. with the baby’s name embroidered or printed on these clothes to add that extra personal feel.

Soft toys and accessories
You can gift them a set of soft toys or rubber toys to chew on when the baby is teething. Fun accessories such as hair clips, shoes, wind chimes, baby cot accessories etc. make this another fun and safe option for gifting. If you are too concerned about getting the right fit clothes for the baby, toys and accessories will work best for you. These are generally cheaper than clothes too! Ensure you buy good quality plastic toys that are chemical free and safe for babies.

You can gift your loved ones a baby monitor which they can place in the baby’s room to keep an eye out on their child while they relax in their bedroom or living room. You can also purchase a breast pumping machine for the nursing mother which she will definitely use on days when feeding the baby gets difficult. Another good option for electronics can be a music player for the baby’s room to play soft music which will help calm the baby down and put him/her to sleep. Such thoughtful gifts will definitely bring a smile to your loved one’s faces.

While there are a lot of online gifting websites that offer online flower delivery in Jodhpur and other cities and states through out the country along with various gifting options right at your doorstep. You can pick from a wide range of price options both online and offline so you need not worry about making a hole in your pockets when purchasing any gifts.

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