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This friendship day, choose ‘memory lane’ as your prefect brand!

Friendship Day

Few good things in life are worth celebrating each passing day, and a true friend is reason enough for celebrating life. Well, going by the methodical world, no matter how less time you can manage for your best friend, in the entire year, celebrating your friendship on the first Sunday of August is considered as mandatory evidence of being a true friend. Keeping the critics’ opinions aside, this quintessential showcasing of friendship, can mend a lot in your life, as well. Though the posts on social media may seem to be stupid to some; yet for the all grown up, long parted friends, who are connected through social media only, sharing an old photograph typifies their priceless memories and emotions. Here’s a short list of gifts and mementos, to convey to your friends, that they are special not for just a Sunday, but for the rest of your days.

DIY gifts

Putting up a few special pictures of your ‘we’ time on a cushion or t-shirt from the most popular brand of personalized gift is way too special; but for the teenagers it may cost their entire pocket money. Well, DIY or ‘do it yourself’ ideas are always there for your rescue, and with handmade gifts, you can rest assured that it is going to extort ‘priceless’ from your friend’s heart, no matter how messy it may look. In case your creativity fuel runs out, just go for a simple picture collage. Nope not the printed ones attach the pictures in whichever pattern you like on a super-sized handmade card. For rest of the décor, you may rely upon colourful paper quelling, or sparkly titbits. For those of you, who haven’t really managed time to meet up, don’t forget mentioning your age-old inside jokes in your handmade card. Reliving the memories through your inside jokes will surely make it up for all the time you couldn’t meet up. With your heartiest wishes, find the apt friendship day bands online that typify the unique bond you share with your beastie.

Your beastie’s favourites

While scrolling through the friendship day gifts online, you are ought to come across a lot of stuffs, reading ‘friends forever’ or ‘bffs’. Cutting out the sugar-coated stereotypes and choosing something that your beastie really dies to have one is way sweeter a gesture. It might be as simple as a box full of Ferrero Rocher, a pair of shoes or the mascara from her favourite brand. In case, you are in a mood to splurge, get her favourite spa vouchers, instead of a movie for your ‘we time’.

Not always do the particularly expensive gifts are a measure of your friendship, at times an array of little titbits, unapologetically childlike, tiny and old-school, can make it way more special. The candies, the colourful hairpins, the junk neck pieces, may be a red and black checker red scarf- roll a message and ribbon it around each little gift for the touch of personalization. After all who doesn’t like a lovely pouch full of memories popping up their way on the eve of friendship day?

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