The Prettiest Yellow Flowers of the World


Flowers have been described as medicine, food and sunshine for the soul. Yellow flowers in particular are bright and cheery.

A bouquet of yellow flowers can lift up the spirit of anyone who is ill and depressed. Every flower is imbued with special symbolism and meaning which helps one to express one’s feelings.Yellow flowers are bursting with joy and usually symbolize friendship. They also exude feelings of compassion and warmth.
Choose from the best yellow flowers from florists of Jaipur. They are the best way to cheer up some one as they exude feelings of happiness and joy.

Here is a list of prettiest yellow flowers in the world:

• Sunflowers: they are the most famous yellow flowers. They bring sunshine and happiness into the world of people. They provide a lively ambiance and are perfect for decorating living rooms and summer weddings.

• Chrysanthemums: These deep yellow coloured flowers stand for hope and optimism. They are also associated with expression of secret admiration.

• Black eyed Susan: They are very similar to sunflowers but for the fact that their petals are spaced more widely. This happy, sunny flower features a big, chocolate coloured centre which is responsible for its name. This flower symbolizes encouragement and is ideal for graduation ceremonies.

• Goldenrod: Famous for their yellow, elongated and small flower heads, they grow along riversides, prairies and road sides. They are late bloomers, reaching up to 3 feet high. Goldrush goldenrods are loved by butterflies.

• Daffodils: The sunny trumpets of daffodils are the first signs of spring. They grow in all types of soil and also in shade. These flowers are quite resilient, growing in rock gardens, between shrubs and in woodlands.

• Yellow roses: Roses are the most popular flowersaround the world. They come in varied colours, shapes and sizes. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, springtime, devotion and appreciation. They are ideal for baby showers, graduation ceremonies, etc.

• Yellow tulips: They are some of the prettiest flowers in the world. The national flower of Turkey and Iran and grown profusely in Holland, they symbolize affection and love.It is most popular for flower delivery jaipur.

• Yellow Dahlia: Dahlias come in varied sizes, shapes and colours. Yellow Dahlia symbolizes commitment and durable relationship. As a gift, it is elegant and dignified.

• Calla Lilies: Unlike their name, they are not related to the lily family but more to flowers like Caladiums and Anthuriums. This exotic flower blooms atop a thick stem and resembles a trumpet made of rolled paper. A bunch of these flowers are ideal for decorating homes.

• Peonies: They are symbolic of happiness, luck and wealth. Native to South Europe and Asia, these come in shades of white, yellow and red.

• Bird of Paradise: Also bearing the name Sterlitzia, the flower resembles the Bird of paradise. The brilliant colours and unusual shape make this flower popular for decorations.

• Iris: Named after the goddess of rainbow, it comes in over 100 varieties. It expresses passion and was used by Victorians to express such emotions.
These are some of the most gorgeous yellow flowers of the world.

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