The most beautiful monsoon flowers in India


After it rains, everything seems to look much more beautiful than before. Especially, the flowers! Monsoon in India is a beautiful experience, and this is the time when few of the most beautiful flowers can be seen in nature and these are then also sold in the market. If you want to deliver flowers to Jaipur India during the monsoons, you can try from the following list.



We bet nothing can feel more pretty and appealing than the look of a flower colored scarlet in grey weather. The very beautiful gulmohar flowers set on green leaves show a contrast which will definitely bring cheerfulness and hope to you. The flowers bloom continuously when rain pours so it is typically a monsoon flower. And even after they fall and wither, they bring in vibrant color wherever they lie.

Indigo Flower

Without the mention of these extremely beautiful flowers, the list of monsoon flowers will always remain incomplete. With super pretty stems having a star shape flower, the indigo variety blooms in plenty in the rainy season. These are found mostly in the vibrant navy blue color. Also available are white, off white and violet.


This deciduous shrub having dark green leaves offers huge trumpet shaped, vibrantly coloredflowers. It is an easy plant to grow;it blooms generously in the monsoon season and can be planted one by one or grown as the large hedge plant. It is available in colours ranging from the dark red to yellow and peach. These flowers usually attract a lot of hummingbirds and butterflies,which are sure to add much charm to your garden or to send flowers in Jaipur India.

Cape Jasmine

During the monsoon season, this is one of the finest flowers if you want to decorate your garden. Its appearance in white is extremely appealing and it also smells amazing. The flower is also known by the name of gandhraja for its ability to scent the whole yard wherever you plant it. The flower can be utilized as a container plant, bonsai, groundcover or hedge.

Monsoon Cassia

Although this is a very common one, it is also one of the most beautiful trees to plant in the monsoon season. The stunning yellow flowers, which are set against the green leaves in big bunches give a splendid look in the rainy season. Any empty patches in your garden can be covered by these plants. Apart from adding immense beauty to the garden, its leaves are also used as the seeds for vegetables since they are an excellent source of protein for the cattle. Sunshine and air needs to be in abundant for the flowers to grow properly.

During monsoon, the variety of flowers is huge. They can beatify your garden and can also be sent to your loved ones. You can plant the seeds at home or even buy the plants from the market. A flowery environment ensures peace and positivity all around. Monsoon is beautiful, and the flowers make it even more beautiful.

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