Tender Loving Care for Special Beauties


Avid gardeners and people who grow plants for commercial purposes have a whole list of things they need to keep a track of or do to ensure their little green plants with colourful flowers and fruits thrive at all times. There are certain species of plants that can grow in large quantities with minimal to no care, such as weeds. But we don’t want to grow weeds in our carefully maintained gardens or groves, do we? So, it stands to reason that special plants do require a lot of care and attention if you want them to last for a long time and produce the flowers, fruits, or vegetables that expect of them.

Florists of Jaipur and in many other parts of the world have interesting titbits that can be used to grow several varieties of fflower-bearing plants, including some of very delicate species such as orchids.


1. The Soil– Orchids, for example, cannot survive if they are grown in regular soil or those rich in clay. They need a very specific combination of soil that contains charcoal and some bark. You can easily get this kind of soil, not just for orchids but for other flowers too, pre-mixed at greenhouses. Else, simple buy the necessary ingredients or find them in various parts of your house, mix the soil well in ideal proportions, and then put them in the garden or in the pots.

2. Roots – Some plants have regular roots that grow below the soil. Some roots, however, do not conform to usual shapes and can grow in weird directions or in weird shapes and sizes. So, when you are buying a plant, ensure you have adequate space or pots to let the plant’s roots grow as naturally as possible else they won’t live for too long as the roots’ growth will be stunted or faulty.

3. Watering – One of the most important parts of raising a plant, or any living thing for that matter, is how much water is made available to it. Some plants need to be water daily, some at certain hours of the day, some can be watered just once a week – you need to find out the optimum regularity and amount of water your plant needs. Also, make sure that excess water can be drained in a systematic manner by the pot, or that there are enough provisions in your garden for the same. Flower delivery in Jaipur and all parts of the world depends on a good number of flowers being available, and if they aren’t watered properly, the flower business would certainly take a hit!

4. Repotting– It becomes necessary for some plants to ensure the soil is always nutrition rich, or that it is not too crowded with the plant’s growth itself. You may have to move it to a bigger plot or move it from pots to garden soil.

5. Trimming – Certain plants need to be trimmed and they will re-grow better or there will be another flower that is yet to bloom.
Make sure you get all these details while you buy your plant from the greenhouse or read up on such topics, including details about natural and artificial lighting, green nets, etc.

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