Special Flowers for Special Friends


It is without doubt that flowers are a wonderful way to convey the feelings. These are regarded to be the ones which can better convey the emotions and moods of the person. A flower also is said to have the ability to change the moods of the person within seconds. There are variety of flowers which can convey different types of meanings quite effectively. It is a known fact that red rose stands for colour of love, while white flower or rose denotes peace and harmony. Flowers are said to have the power to impress even the most angry and infuriated person, making him calm and cool within seconds. The sweet smell of flowers, it’s beautiful colour can prove that freshness of mind making the person to feel happy once again.

Flowers to signify friendship

Several types of flowers are present that can signify friendship. It is very much important to gift the friend with the right type of flower to make them happy and satisfied. There have emerged several reputed online sites that allow the person to send flowers to Jaipur with great ease.


  • Yellow rose: It is a common type. Friends in huge numbers on the friendship day are said to gift one another with this type of flower. Besides signifying friendship, it also represents in full joy and delight. Previously, this flower was said to signify negative feelings. This flower can be gifted individually or in bunch for expressing friendship.
  • Chrysanthemum: This flower in Japan is considered to be symbolic of friendship. This flower is exchanged among friends as loyalty and token of love between them. The flower’s beautiful colour makes it to be commonly used in bouquets. Some of the common colours found are yellow, red and pink.
  • Iris: This flower is denoted for wisdom and valour. The common variety found is blue and purple. It stands for “Your friendship does mean plenty to me.”
  • Daffodil: This flower is said to mark new beginnings, new hopes, rebirth and true friendship. Narcissus is its Latin name. The flower’s shape is like that of the trumpet enclosed by petals. It is a popular, attractive flower these flowers can be found in variety of colours like pink, white, red, and yellow.
  • Peruvian Lily: It is also called the Incas’ Lily. It signifies support and love for the friend. It expresses very well the meaning about the sender being the companion of the recipient always. Such flowers are better gifted on the birthdays. It does enjoy longer vase life and can remain fresh for several days.

The friend is definitely an important person in one’s life and hence, the friendship is to be reciprocated time and again. This is best done by sending the right flowers that can hold the correct meaning that is desired to be conveyed. The reputed online florist in Jaipur can help in making the right selection and create the best impression. Also, it is possible to find a whole lot of exotic flower collection with the reputed online florists.

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