Seven types of Birthday Cakes that you must order


The first thing that we think of when we hear the word birthday is a birthday cake. We cannot end a birthday without cutting the birthday cake. During the earlier times, birthday cake meant a humble chocolate or a vanilla cake. But those days are long gone. Today, the birthday cakes have become posh and expensive. They are a way of making a style statement.

There are numerous numbers of flavours when it comes to birthday cakes. You will be confused when you have to select only one of them. Some of the most popular cake types that you should order for your birthday are –


  1. Coconut –

Although the kids may not like it, it is the best cake that you can order for a birthday of an older person. The cake is made with the main ingredient as coconut. The icing is done with cream and grated coconut. The flavour of the tender coconut is so mesmerising that you will keep asking for more.

  1. Caramel –

The crunchy and sweet taste of caramel is lip smacking. It is a treat to indulge in caramel cakes. The cake is made in any flavour, vanilla, strawberry, pasta or butterscotch. Bits of caramel are added into the batter so that when the cake is baked fully, you will be finding caramel chucks as you take your bites. Unlike the soft and smooth texture of pastries, this is a breath of fresh air. You can also do birthday cake online shopping these days.

  1. Lime –

This is one unique type of cake in which lime peel and lime juice are used in abundance. You can taste the essence of lime and the tangy flavour is just mind-blowing. The icing is also of cream and grated lemon peel.

  1. Chocolate –

When you are talking about flavours, you cannot miss out on the chocolate flavour. Nothing can be as tasty and delicious as the rich chocolate flavour. But, you can find many updated versions of the chocolate flavour. Chocolate with butter cream icing, chocolate with fruit fillings, chocolate with lots of nuts, combination of dark chocolate and white chocolate and chocolate with ice-cream topping. These are some of the verities of chocolate cake flavours.

  1. Mocha –

Coffee cakes are a rage these days. The cake is refreshing and keeps you alert all through the party. The coffee cake is good to smell as well as taste. The coffee powder is added to the batter to bring in that nutty flavour. The frosting is done using mocha coffee powder.

  1. Rum –

Make your cake intoxicating by adding a little rum into the batter. The cake is just going to make the guests drool over it. The icing is done with cream and a bit of rum is poured over the cake to give the final touch.

  1. Carrot –

Carrot is a healthy flavour, and it is no less in taste than any of the other cakes. A carrot cake looks attractive in bright orange colour. The taste is sweet and raw. It is a unique cake that the young ones and the old ones will both love.

When you order birthday cakes online or from offline store,keep these flavours in mind.


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