Select the perfect Flowers based on the Occasion


Everyone brightens up when they receive flowers, until and unless they are allergic to them. But jokes apart, flowers go well with every kind of occasion. Whether you may be visiting a friend at her place or attending a wedding, a flower definitely brings a smile to the person’s face who receives it.

If you want to make sure that you gift the perfect flower based on the occasion as well as season, then there are a few things that you need to know about this area. Here’s a list that is not exhaustive but rather a general one when it comes to knowing the right flower based on the occasion:


  1. The first thing that you need to remember is that when you gift flowers you gift them based on the flowers that are available in that particular season. This is because then the flowers tend to remain fresh for a longer period of time and you remain in synch with nature with your gift. Wondering how to find out what flower is for what season? Well, all you have to do is go to the nearest florist shop and they will tell you!
  2. When it comes to sending flowers to jaipur for a birthday, then you can consider sending carnations if the birthday is in January. You can send violets and daffodils in February and March respectively. Daisies work best in the month of April while roses and lilies are perfect for June and May respectively. If you are sending birthday flowers to a friend, then it is best to stick to yellow carnations or colourful gerberas.
  3. Okay flowers are a must on first dates. If you want to change the norms, then you being the girl can also get a flower for your man because it signifies the beginning of something joyous and anybody can give a flower to anybody. Tulips, Dandelions and orchids are the best flowers when it comes to first dates. If you want to take your date by a little pleasant surprise you can also send the flowers directly at their home before you meet up with them!
  4. Funerals are another occasion which calls for flowers. People often fall into a soup when wondering what kind of flower, they should get for a funeral. Well it is safest to stick to the classics. You can go with white chrysanthemums or lilies or roses. If you are unable to attend the funeral in person, then send you condolences by opting for flowers in jaipur india delivery services and have them delivered to the family of the deceased.
  5. The trickiest bit is to get flowers if you want to wish a person a speedy recovery. When you go to a hospital to visit the patient, it is advisable to not carry flowers that are very strongly fragrant. You can opt for flowers like lilies and gladioli. If you visit the patient at his home then the best option is to take little potted flower plant.

So, now when you wish to send flowers for an occasion, you can always fall back on this list and make sure that you send the right ones!

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