Saying “I am sorry” with Flowers


Flowers have a healing power of their own. They speak volumes and can actually go a long way when it comes to mending situations. Though flowers make very good gifts for birthdays and valentine days, but they also come really in handy when you have to apologize to someone or the special one.
Flowers with their own charm and delicate aura can heal one’s hurt in an instant and hence is a really good option to consider if you want to apologize to someone. If you want to add a special touch to how you present the flowers, or if you want to apologize to someone who does not live in your city, then you can easily order flowers online through online delivery services and have them delivered right at the doorstep!


Let’s look at a few things that will help us in selecting flowers when we have to say sorry to someone special:
1. Go for the orchids: Have you ever noticed that orchids have a spongy stem and have a velvety feel to them. This is because orchids can capture and retain moisture for a longer period of time in their own body. This natural benefit helps the orchids to remain fresh for a longer period of time, even without water. So, if you want the flowers to remind the one that you are apologizing to how sorry you are for a long period of time, then nothing works better than orchids
2. Keeping it as colourful as possible: If you want to cheer someone up because they are upset about something that you have done, then do not forget to throw in some colours into your bouquet, i.e. add different types of colourful flowers to the bouquet. Bright colours give one a happy feel and when you send flowers to Jaipur or any other cityright at their doorstep, it goes a long way in cheering someone up. You can go for different varieties of gerberas, Dalia or Petunias. Add a few leaves to the bouquet to enhance the colours.
3. For a formal apology: We often need to send apologizes to people whom we are acquainted with formally, or have just got to know. In such cases, it is best if you opt for tulips. These flowers have a grace of their own and are rather sophisticated.
4. Saying sorry to your friend: If you want to apologize to your friend then you can opt for a bunch of lilies. You can go for spider lilies or when lily of the valley. It is best paired with long green leaves. This arrangement is simple, but has a wonderful healing power.
5. Moving towards reconciliation: Things often get rough in relationships but that does not mean the end of it. If you want to take a step ahead, apologize for your mistakes and want to reconcile then you can go for a bunch of yellow roses. This shows you are intent on keeping your promise and you do want to get back with him/her under any circumstances.
These flowers have a way that can say sorry without even the use of words! So, if you are wondering how to apologize for a mess that you have created, think flowers!

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