Which are the right flowers for your man?

Which are the right flowers for your man?


While picking up a gift for the lady-love, the first thing that crosses a man’s mind is a bouquet of her favorite flowers, tied with a matching ribbon. Ladies love elaborately decorative gifts, and flowers can always perk up their moods, but what about choosing gifts for your man? Somehow through novels and epics, it is pretty subtly established that flowers are meant to be associated with the delicate feminism of lady-love and come nowhere close to the chivalrous or chauvinist men. Well, you may call it as a mythical stereotype as there’s no such hard and fast rule that men cannot be mellowed down with an unkempt bunch of flowers either. So here goes a list of few flower etiquettes you need to make your checkboxes of, before sending flowers to your man.

Colors in your bouquet

Unlike women, men might not always be able to meticulously decode or admire the beauty of rare pastels. Call it their different approach of romance or call it their high on energy mode, a simply bright colored bouquet of daisies or sunflowers can be much more a thing to perk up his mood as and when compared to an assortment of roses or lilies in pastel shades. For those men who are strictly bent on their tightly packed schedules, ‘vibrant’ is the code while selecting the bouquet. An assortment of bright golden sunflowers or peonies can always be the key to a fresh start of his day.

Which are the right flowers for your man?

A heart-shaped bouquet or any-shaped as a matter of fact

Well, men are not much fond of detailed arrangements or designs. Be it his wardrobe, be it his desk, or be it his heart as a matter of fact- be certain that your man prefers simple and clean arrangements to elaborate detailing in anything and everything around him. So when it comes to making his day it has to be a simple arrangement of flowers. The contemporary bouquets, especially those having a sleek ribbon tying the flowers together are the tailor-made options for the simplicity-seeking minds of men.

Symbolize your emotions with the bouquet you send

Flowers are the best way to articulate your emotions at times your words fall short. Be it a few flowers or be it a huge bouquet- certain flowers are preferred for what they symbolize. Of course, to articulate your unspoken love for your man, red roses do not have any competition, but what is the flower to convey certain other feelings? Apart from the mainstream yellow roses, a bouquet of chrysanthemums can convey your gesture of friendship equally well whereas daisies are the ones to convey your loyalty.

When’s the right time?

It does not need to be a birthday or anniversary or a success that calls for a floral surprise. Surprise your man with a lovely assortment of flowers on just any other day so as to celebrate togetherness or your friendship.

A token of love, a gesture of friendship, a keepsake of thankfulness or just an articulation of your being there- send over flowers to your man with the popular florist in JaipurGift Jaipur’ and remind him that it’s okay to sit back with a sigh of joy at times and start off better the next moment.

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