Recipe of Making Paan Cake

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Now people love to eat paan as it contains a variety of flavor and now paan also comes in many varieties so we have bought your paan in a different style in which your family member and friends start licking their finger once you will bake a delicious paan birthday cake in Jaipur. It will take 60 minutes for preparation.

 All-purpose flour- 1 ¾ cups
 Baking soda- ½ spoon
 Baking powder- ¼ spoon
 Salt- ¼ spoon
 Sugar- ¼ cup
 Butter unsalted- ¼ cup
 Gulkand- 1 spoon
 Milk- 1 cup
 Curd- 1 ½ cup
 Rose essences- ½ spoon
 Green and Pink food color- a few drops
 Betel leaves- 3- 4
 Whipped cream- 2 ½ cups
 Pista chopped
 Coconut grated
 Rose petals
 Sweet paan- 3

1. First, you have to preheat the oven for 1750 C.
2. Now take a bowl mix all the dry ingredients flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.
3. In another bowl take butter and sugar and mix it until it gives fluffy texture.
4. Now add rose essences and gulkand in the mixture of butter and sugar and mix it properly.
5. After this add curd, milk, and food color in the fluffy mixture and stir all the things gently.
6. When all the things get mix properly you can add dry mixture into the wet mixture and stir it continuously so that no lumps could form and you will get a smooth batter of the cake.
7. Now divide the mixture in two pans which are already dusted with flour and greased with oil, then pour the batter in the pans and tap it so that bubbles would not form.
8.Bake the cake for 25- 30 minutes
9.After baking cake leaves it for 10 minutes and lets it cool down.
10. Now you can prepare to frost for the cake for which in a grinder grins 1 paan.
11. In a bowl take whipped cream, add green color and grind paan and whisk the cream.

Now with frosting cover whole cake and you can also fill between the layers of the cake and decorate it with left paan, rose petals, chopped pista, and grated coconut.

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