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How to pick flowers for gifting based on the occasion

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Flowers have the power of being one of the most ideal gifts for many. May it be any occasion, you can simply pick out a bunch of flowers and gift it to the person. In fact you really do not need an occasion to celebrate and gift your friend or parent or that special someone a flower.

However, picking out a flower is not that easy. Every occasion comes with its own specialities and the flowers that you decide to choose will be based on the occasion that they are meant for. Here are some guidelines that will help you with it:

  1. Well if you are thinking about celebrating a friend’s birthday, then it is always best to go with the flowers that they either like or their favourite colour. For example if you want to wish your friend a happy birthday then you can send him or her white gerberas of a colour that they like. Carnations also work well for birthday. If you are friend is really fond of them then you can gift orchids, but orchids do not always work best as birthday flowers.

florist in Jaipur

  • If you want to wish your special someone on their special occasion then it is best to stick to the classic – the rose. However you can play around a little bit with the colour. It does not necessarily have to be red in colour. You can go with white or yellow or even pink roses. Roses come in various colours and hence you can take your pick. Instead of the typical rose bouquets, you can take a handful of roses and ask the florist in Jaipur to simply add with it some wild gypsy flowers and you are all set. You can order online and then have the rose bouquet delivered to create an element of surprise.
  • When it comes to an anniversary, nothing speaks elegance more than lilies. If you love this flower then you simply cannot say no it. Lilies generally blossom after they are dipped into water and stays fresh for almost a week. These flowers are so beautiful and elegant that they make the ideal anniversary flower gift. So if you are planning on attending an anniversary party and you are wondering which flower should you get, then without batting an eyelid, opt for lilies.

  • If you are going to a housewarming party, then carry some seasonal flowers with you. It is also best to make sure that the flowers are properly scented. In fact for housewarming parties, orchids are a very good option. Since they stay fresh for a long time, the homeowners will appreciate your gesture for a long time as well!
  • And finally when it comes to gifting flowers for baby showers, you need to keep it really simple. Multi-flower, multicoloured bouquets are a really nice option. You can also stick to the classic white flowers like white gerberas or white carnations combined with a few dashes of yellow.

So the next time you gift someone flowers, make sure that you follow these tips and gift them the right flower for the occasion!

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