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A Must-Try Chocolate Chestnut Cake

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This is a French dessert, but its popularity is not restricted to France alone. It cake popular world over and is also known as Le Turinois. Although this recipe will take a cooking time of around one hour, the preparation gets complete within 10 minutes. It’s a medium difficulty cake recipe that you can gain perfection on with a few trials. Although there are many companies facilitating cake delivery in Bikaner, making your own cake is always fun. The best thing about this cake is that it is prepared without the involvement of eggs as an ingredient. And that is why it is a perfect dessert for vegetarians. Even people who don’t take eggs because of health reasons or for any other cause can prepare this amazing cake at home and enjoy it. So, what makes you wait? Let’s have a look at how it is prepared-

  • For this cake, you will need around 1 kilograms of chestnut
  • Some water
  • Around 350 ml of milk
  • Around 125 grams of butter
  • About 250 grams of bitter chocolate. Make sure you chop it well. You can also buy the chopped variety from the market
  • 125 grams of caster sugar
  • Vanilla essence- half a teaspoon full
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons full of rum

Now let’s check out the recipe-

  • First take a pan and put all the chestnuts in it. Pour some water into the pan. Make sure the level of water rises above the level of chestnuts in the pan. Now, pour the milk into the water. Let the ingredients simmer until the chestnuts become tender. Now, drain the milk-mixed water.
  • Peal the chestnuts and mash them. Yes, you should be able to mash them as they become really tender after boiling.
  • Now, take 75 ml of water and mix melted chocolate, sugar, butter and cream with it.
  • Mix the mashed chestnuts with this concoction. To add flavour, pour the rum and vanilla essence into it. Mix the ingredients well. Make sure you do the mixing properly.
  • Now, take a tin and line it. You can also oil it. Now, put the mixture into it and let it get chilled overnight. This is an amazing cake which should be served with cream for the best taste.

Here you can see that this cake doesn’t really need any kind of baking. Whatever little time is required, it’s required for boiling the chestnuts. That is why it is an amazing cake for you if you don’t have an oven at home.

You can also enhance the taste of the cake by adding toasted fennel seeds into the mixture of the cake. But if you don’t like the flavour of fennel seeds, then you can do fine without them.

This is an amazing cake to have during the summers as it is served chilled. Although there are many ways in which this chestnut cake is prepared, this way is the easiest and will definitely impress you if you don’t like a lot of complications in preparing a cake. If all the above steps still look difficult to you, order for cake delivery in Bhilwara or your city.

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