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How to Make Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake?

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Eggless cakes are becoming the latest trends these days because they are a suitable one for all types of events and special occasions. There are a variety of cakes available in the markets, and you can choose the best one based on choices. The eggless chocolate truffle cake recipe is an easy one to make in your home with decoration and sponge that provides more taste. Moreover, the online cake delivery in Bhiwadi allows you to order the same at affordable rates.

How to prepare eggless chocolate truffle cake?

Preparing an eggless chocolate truffle cake takes only an hour, and youcan even add the decorations depending on the occasions.

Important ingredients

For cake

  • 100 gms yogurt
  • 5 cup flour
  • 150 ml oil
  • Baking powder and vanilla powder each 2 teaspoons
  • Corn flour3tbsps.
  • ½ cup pumpkin seeds
  • Salt (1 tbsp.), cream cheese (3tbsps.), milk (3tbsps.), white butter(2 tbsps.), and 1 cup castor oil
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Crushed walnuts (14 to 15)


It is necessary to whisk all the ingredients except oil and allow them to mould at 180’c degrees for 30 to 40 minutes.

Use a greased baking pan for the cake preparation with a parchment paper at the bottom. Sieve the baking powder, plain flour, sugar, and salt in a deep bowl.

You need to combine1 to 5 ingredients for mixing purposes and incorporate sugar on the same. Now, you can add yogurt to the mixture until it is blended properly.

Mix the flour into wet ingredients with 3 batches and finally add the pumpkin seeds and crushed walnuts to the mixture. You should fold the mixture well and pour the batter into a greased dish. Bake the same at 30 to 35 minutes and cool the same completely on a grill rack for nearly 2 hours.

You need to sprinkle castor sugar on the serving plate before unmoulding the cake. Apart from that, you should refrigerate the cake for 2 hours and cut the same into 2 halves with a knife.

The cake home delivery in Jodhpur enables you to buy all types of eggless cakes which exactly suit an event.

Meanwhile, you can prepare filling for the cake.

Important ingredients for filling

  • Jam (3 tbsps.)
  • Butter (2 tbsps.)


Mix jam and butter with a spoon in a microwave bowl for 30 seconds. Now, you can spread the filling on one cake and sand witch. You need to refrigerate the same for nearly an hour.

Now, you can make frosting for the truffle cake

Ingredients for frosting

  • Chocolate paste (7 tbsps.)
  • Butter (1 tbsp.), white chocolate shavings (3 to 4 tbsps.), desiccated coconut (3 to 4 tbsps.)
  • Roasted almonds (15 to 16) and small quantity of chocolate sauce


Stir the combined chocolate paste and butter in a microwave bowl after placing the same for 30 seconds. You can spread this over the cold cake and sprinkle white chocolate shavings to get a delicious taste. Spread the roasted almonds and some chocolate sauce on the sauce.

Your eggless chocolate truffle is now ready to serve. Enjoy!

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