Let the Flowers Speak Your Feeling – Gift A Bunch to Say What You Have to Say


When people say that flowers speak that does not mean that flower actually speak. We are living in the world of Waverly Places and magic is not possible. But yes, if the statement has to be proved true then yes, flowers speaks- the colour of the flowers speaks on behalf of you.

The colour of flower that you select actually reveals about your feeling for the particular person and therefore, you should always be very picky when it comes choosing the right flower for the right person.

Let us explore the world of colourful flowers and indulge in the meaning of what they actually say.


Which colour stands for what?

When you are selecting online flower delivery in Jaipur, you are required to be thoughtful about which flowers you choose. And when it is about some personal selections, then it also depends on the person whom you are sending the flowers.

Therefore, while you send flowers to friend, family and beloved, make a note that not the same colour would work everywhere.

The list of expressions according to the colour of flowers-

  • Black tells that you have mystery liking for the person: Black is the colour of mystery, power, farewell and goodbye. When it is about biding someone, goodbye or saying that you appreciate them to the core, gift them black roses.
  • Orange rose will reveal your fascination for the person: Whether she is your silent crush or just a person who shares a special place in your life, orange is the perfect colour for them.As it is a colour of fascination, happiness, and warmth, it will reveal all these feelings of yours toward them.
  • Pink tells that romance is budding: If you happen to give someone pink flower, especially the pink roses, it reveals that the love is in the air. However, do not be so specific that the pink flowers are only to be given to your beloveds of Bae. The person receiving the flower online Jaipur could be your parents, sibling or just friends.
  • Purple tells that I trust you: When you have to show someone that you trust them, gift them purple or lavender coloured flowers. The purple is the colour of trust, nobility, and devotion. While you gift it to someone, you trust and devotion in them are revealed.
  • Dark red tells that you are madly in love: Red roses are quite popular for expressing the madness of love for someone. So, if you have to propose someone or just say that you madly love them, just send them a bunch of Dark Red Roses. Again, do not restrict this feeling up to Bae, parents and sibling could also share the category.
  • Yellow tells you that you have a friendly love for them: When you befriend someone, it is the first step towards liking and then love. So, while you start baby steps by making other friends, make sure you carry yellow flowers. Yellow is the colour of starting of a new romance.

So, with the definition of different colours of flowers, just decided which one you want and for whom. Make sure you make a good decision.

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