Latest Trends of Cakes in 2019

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The cake has been using from centuries to celebrate any type of celebration and now there are varieties of modern cakes which are the centerpiece of the party. Many types of skills and tools we’re using to give new craft to the cake like chocolate collars, piping techniques, and sculpting. Firstly cakes were cooked by handmade and were available in the geometry shape now the time has changed there are endless shapes of cakes and wide ranges of flavor.

Flowery cake Online Cake

Years ago there is the tradition of the fruit cake has covered with marzipan layers and on the top of the cake they give icing of fondant, now people are opting for the spongy cake decorated with flowers and have icing of buttercream and flavors of an array. Now bakers are using flowers for decoration by edible, fondant, and real plant make the cake more interesting and attractive, for the excellent flavor you should choose elderflower cordial with the zest of lemon, you can also go for rose, lavender, and hibiscus flower for flavor and decoration. Cake with a letter also becoming popular covered in white cream and floral decoration.

Propose day cake


On birthdays, you can opt for geometry shapes cakes is a big hit for the party, such as you can choose for circle shape cake which is decorated by the different type of the geometrical shapes which is made from icing, hand painted, and collars, as it all depends on the baker’s skill and techniques. You can also choose naked online cake delivery in Jaipur means through which you can see layers of cake filled with strawberries. You can also go for hand painting cake with an image of a birthday girl or boy

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