How to keep flowers fresh for long?


Flowers are probably the most beautiful among the nature’s creation. They are beautiful, colourful and full of life. They bring a smile on the onlooker’s face. Like all beautiful things, they too come to an end. But, the sad part is that they end a little fast. The flowers bloom for a short period of time. And then they wilt to become dry and ugly.

Whenever you receive a bunch of flowers, you feel special and happy. But then you begin to feel bad because they start to wilt soon. For all those who order bouquet of flowers delivery, here are some tips to make them stay alive for a longer time. Try these tips to keep your flowers from wilting too soon –

Soft drinks –

If you have any soft drink tins in your refrigerator, bring them out. Soda, coke or any other cold drink will do. Just pour 1/4 cup of it into the vase water. Place the cut flowers. Your flowers will remain fresh for a longer time. This is because the sugar in the soda will keep the blossoms fresh for longer.

Apple cider vinegar –

Here is one more of the long list of uses of the apple cider vinegar. Mix 2 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons sugar. This must be added into the water that goes into the vase where you keep your flowers. Remember to keep changing the water along with vinegar and sugar once in a while.

Hair spray –

Hair spray can keep your cut flowers fresh for longer. All you have to do is stand a foot away from the vase and spray the hair spray on it. Spray on the undersides of the petals and leaves.

Vodka –

It is not just you, but your flowers love vodka too. Vodka minimizes the growth of bacteria, which increases its shelf life. Vodka or any other clear spirit must be added in few drops to the vase water. Its antibacterial action will keep the flowers fresh. Change the water and its ingredients once every day.

Aspirin –

If you have red roses in your vase, add a crushed aspirin in to the water. This will keep your red roses red and fresh for a while.

Sugar –

If you do not have soft drinks, you can directly add some sugar into the water that holds the fresh cut flowers. The sugar will keep the flowers fresh and alive for a little bit longer.

Bleach –

Add few drops of bleach to the vase water along with 1 teaspoon sugar. This will keep the bacteria at bay and your flowers will remain fresh.

Coins –

Bribe your flowers with a few copper pennies and some sugar in the vase water. While the flowers don’t actually care about your money, the copper in the pennies are the acidifiers that will prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your flowers going.

Use the above tips to extend the life of your flowers that are freshly cut and placed in your vases or bouquets.

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