Ice Creams Are Your Best Chums in These Summer Days

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The name itself brings mouth-watering thoughts and creates images in your mind on the various types of ice creams that you could indulge in on the hot summer days. Ice cream is a delight that does not stop enchanting you even after you are grown up enough to understand that there should be some control somewhere.

Baskin Robbins Jaipur home delivery

The flavours of ice creams liked by children do not vary too much from the liking of the adults. The sweet, cold and creamy treat has been there from time immemorial, and still is the hottest favourite at a party, gathering or just to enjoy alone.

Varieties of Ice Creams Available

With passing time, the varieties available in terms of colours, flavours and tastes have been increasing. The options for you are endless now. Once you look for Baskin Robbins Jaipur home delivery options, you would be amazed at the range of offerings.

Here are some of the basic classifications. They vary from country to country and among ice cream manufacturers.

  • Hard Ice Cream–this is the traditional kind that is an all – time delight. These are made with the basic ingredients as milk, sugar, stabilisers and then the flavours are added. Based on the difference in flavours, you can have a vanilla, strawberry, butter scotch, chocolate, mango or tutty-fruity ice cream. Fruits and nuts can be added, as also choco chips, candies and so on.
  • Soft Ice Cream – In this, a special machine keeps the mixture of milk, sugar, cream etc. in a smooth and soft form, under very low temperature. The almost liquid stuff is then served in a cone or a cup, and it gets semi – frozen as it is taken out of the vendor machine.
  • Ice Cream with Reduced Fat Content–Here the milk used is mostly fat – free. Lesser cream is used, and sugar substitutes can also be added. The fat content is then declared on the ice cream label.
  • Lactose-free Ice Cream–This is specially made for lactose – intolerant people, by adding more of lactase enzyme, so that the lactose of the milk is digested fast and does not cause any irritable reaction
  • Organic Ice Cream–This is just your ordinary ice cream, made with organically produced ingredients, especially the milk.
  • Gluten-free Ice Cream–there are certain brands of ice creams that make the ice creams gluten free by removing some of the stabilising ingredients. This is most often declared on the label, and for those who want to avoid its intake, must go through the label claim properly
  • Italian Gelato–This is a denser form of ice cream that contains more of milk and lesser quantity of cream. It also contains egg – yolks, sugar and flavouring factors. Lesser cream leads to lesser fat content. The ice cream comes with a denser constituency than the traditional form.

Apart from these types, there can be many mixed varieties and hundreds of qualities with attractive names. You can also make a simple bar of vanilla ice cream special at home by pouring a little hot chocolate syrup on it. You may also have a glass of cold coffee with a slab of vanilla ice cream added to it, to make it extra special.

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