How to plan a surprise birthday party for your mother


Every year on your birthday, your mother will celebrate the day with so much grandeur and love. She orders the cake, calls home your friends and cooks the best food for the guests. She pays attention to even the minute’s things in your birthday party so that the event is a grand success. Now it is payback time. You cannot ignore all the efforts that your mother took. You should thank her and what better way than celebrating her birthday by throwing a surprise party.

Though your mother may not ask for, she too will love being surprised. So, plan surprise birthday party for your mother and let her know how much she means for you. Here are some tips to plan a super cool party for your mom –

Venue –

The first thing that you must choose is a venue for the party. If it is your house, you will have to be extra careful because the idea is to surprise her and moms usually find out that something is fishy in no time. So, make sure that you do all the planning somewhere else and only begin to decorate the house on the day of the party. For this, you can ask your dad or her friends to take your mom out for a couple of hours before the party begins. If you choose a different venue, it will be easier to deck up the place.


Decor –

As your mom is a grown-up woman, make sure that the deco is elegant and does not look funny. Use subtle colours and exotic flowers for the decoration. You can add your mom’s favourite fliers in the decoration. Hang some Chinese lanterns and throw around fairy lights to add that extra effect.

Cake –

No birthday is complete without the cake cutting ceremony. You can order the favourite flavour of your mom by birthday cake online shopping. The beautiful cake should reach the venue on time.

Invites –

Keep the invites simple. Even better is to invite the guests in person or on the phone avoiding all the waste of reserve and money. Make sure that you call all your moms friends, family and dear ones.

Dress code –

It is not a good idea to have unique dress codes. Keep it casual or formal. Do not have rave themes that your mom may not enjoy. So, if at all you want to have a theme party, go for retro or the 80’s theme which your mom will love.

Food –

You can order the food from outside. Make sure that all your moms’ favourite food is included. If she prefers vegetarian, you can have a vegetarian spread. And if she loves non-vegetarian, have chicken and meat too.

Music –

Have subtle music and slow melodies. Do not play music on high volume because your mom is going to hate it. Also, it will be difficult for her to interact with the guests.

Whether it is order birthday cakes online or booking the venue, you must make sure that everything is in your mom’s taste.



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