How to Celebrate the Birthday of Your Teenager


Planning a birthday party for your child who is a teenager is quite a tough task. He or she is not yet an adult but not a child anymore. In comparison, a child’s birthday party is easy to organize: some ice cream, some party games and a birthday cake are all that is required.

But to celebrate the birthday of your teen needs more creativity and thoughtfulness.  If you organize a celebration keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your child, you will be super cool mum and dad. But don’t forget to buy birthday cakes online India.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating birthday of teens:   

  • Cooking party: If your teen girl and her friends like cooking, there is nothing better than hosting a cooking party. Permit them to invade your kitchen and try out some favourite recipes. Let the group decide what recipes to try out and also let them do the garnishing and decoration. Take care not to interfere while they are having fun and just be around as a guide.
  • Bonfire party: Organizing a bone fire party at a suitable venue will surely be loved by the teen and her friends. To host a bash, arrange soft drinks, snacks, and some hot dogs. Organize some music so that the group can dance away into the night.


  • Scrapbooking: Hold an event at home for making scrapbooks. Present digital cameras to the friends of your teen. Let them take as many pictures as they want to fill up the birthday pages of your daughter’s scrapbook.
  • Go skating: Take out teenagers and his/ her friends for skating like roller skating or skate boarding. It is fun and a great way to exercise.
  • A day of pampering: A birthday for a teen daughter is the best occasion to plan a day of pampering. Bring out the beauty products like nail polish and let the group do some pedicure, manicure, and massage to each other at home. If you are not tight on budget, you can book a full day at a spa for some pampering treatment for your daughter and friends. After this, take them out dining where they can flaunt their newly acquired good looks.
  • Movie night: If your teen is a movie fan, organize a movie night. This could be booking tickets for the latest blockbuster for him and friends in a nearby theatre. Or you can keep it simple by hosting a movie night at home. Rent some cool movies which the group loves and spice up the night with some popcorn and candies to have while enjoying a movie in a media room-complete with big screen, movie posters and plush chairs to relax in.
  • Action and adventure: Organize a day of adventure for your dare devil teen and his friends. You can book for activities at a go-kart track or a rock climbing venue or adventure course. Some of these facilities offer private party rooms where after your adventurous day, the group can unwind with lunch or dinner and birthday cake. Snacks and food can help revive the tired adventurers. For the cake, make early plans for birthday cake online shopping.
  • Party at the beach:  A beach party will be loved by all teenagers. This is ideal in good weather and if you live near a beach. Organize activities and games both in the water as well as the sand. A volleyball game or a sandcastle building contest will do well. Relax with a picnic lunch or a BBQ dinner.

These are some ideas on how to celebrate the birthday of a teenager.

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