How to Celebrate a 20th Birthday?


Turning twenty is major milestone in the life of a person. He has left his teen years back and is entering a new decade of his life. So think of celebrating his/ her birthday in a memorable manner. You can celebrate his accomplishments or look forward to what is to come in the future.

You can celebrate the birthday in many ways based on how low key or blown out you desire it to be; there is no wrong or right way. Whether you want to play up the last day as a kid or want to spend a sophisticated night out in town, the choice is yours.

Here are some fun things to do on a 20th birthday:

Camping Under the Sky

Those who turn 20 are not yet allowed to bars and clubs since they are not 21 as yet. So, go in for some other fun activities like camping besides a river or lake or a local state park. You can rent a cabin for the night or pitch some tents. You can make a bonfire and roast a birthday meal of marshmallows, sausages and hot dogs. Based on where you are camping, you can go in for activities like hiking, fishing or swimming.

Enjoying Rides in Water Park

Get together with a group of buddies and go to a water park for the whole day. Your friends and you can catch some sunshine, slide down giant water slides and go swimming. Such a party will take you back to memories as a kid, playing in water and enjoying the birthday. After fun and games, head to a local restaurant and cut a cake.

Movie Night

This night can be hosted at your home. In case, birthday boy has a favourite genre of movies- fantasy, science fiction, action/adventure or horror themes, you can host a movie marathon and watch many movies on your DVD. Serve traditional snacks like candy, popcorn and Nachos.

Celebrate a Birthday Party

The most common way to celebrate a birthday is to throw a birthday party. Arrange for an online cake delivery to be the highlight of the party. Here are some other tips:

  • Select a setting

Setting will determine the tone of your celebration. Consider a favourite venue like a restaurant or family home or someplace new, where you have never been.

  • Choose activities

These will be automatically determined based on the setting you have chosen- like skating rink, bowling alley or theme park. Outdoor settings might lead to pool parties or rock climbing.

  • Design a guest list

Pick persons who are dear to you and with whom you have most fun and enjoyment. Make sure all invitees have a good time. For instance, arrange vegetarian food for vegans and vegetarians in the list.

  • Focus on theme

Arrange a DJ for a traditional music and dance party. You can even have a costume party or karaoke party. Another idea is a slumber party in a local spa for some real pampering.

  • Design a menu

Choice of menu will range from catered party, backyard barbecue, or food from a favourite restaurant. You can even throw a pot luck party and sample new dishes. Serve non-alcoholic drinks like mock-tails.

These are some ideas to celebrate your 20th birthday.


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