Here Are Some Global Bouquet Styles You Need to Know About


There is no dearth of flower arrangement choices to suit your wedding design or theme. Bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres- all have different purposes and they all can be made to go with the mood of the wedding. But to get it done in the best possible way, you should get flowers from a good flower shop. So, whether you want flowers for your own big day or you are looking for online flower bouquet delivery for someone else’s wedding, you should always allow flower experts to guide you while selecting them.

Generally, white is a cool hue and white flowers are regarded as a symbol of purity. That is probably the reason why white flowers are widely used for making bridal bouquets. But colour is no bar today. The trend of using different coloured flowers for arranging bouquets is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Use of beautiful colours in a wedding bouquet makes the bride looks all the more lively and attractive.


Although, there are many different types of wedding bouquets available these days, the following are the most popular ones-

  • The Cascade Bouquet

This is a traditional bouquet style and is extremely formal. Some of the most popular flowers used to make cascade bouquets are lilies, stephanotis, and white roses. Because the arrangement of flowers in this bouquet gives a cascading effect, it is called a cascade bouquet.

Cascade bouquets are best suited with long dresses. And because they have the potential to make the bride look slim, they are not the perfect choice for women having a petite body frame.

  • The Nosegay or The Round Cluster Bouquet

This is a round bouquet and is generally smaller than the other types. It’s basically a tight bunch of flowers without much foliage. Flowers are usually arranged in assortments, meaning you find variety in matters of colour, type and size of the flowers. This bouquet is also called a nosegay because in the 14th century it was used to conceal unpleasant odours.

The most common flowers used for this bouquet are Monte casino, asters, roses, gerberas, ranunculus and freesia.

  • The Loose-tied or Hand-tied Bouquet

This falls under the informal bouquet category. It is an extremely popular variety of bouquets, especially because of the casual feel it oozes out. And since there is a lot of foliage included in it, and the flowers are arranged in a way that the stems show, it lets out a straight-from-the-garden feel.

The flowers used in this bouquet are mostly sweet peas, scabiosa and roses, tied together with laces and ribbons.

These bouquet types are extremely popular and people in western countries simply swear by them during ceremonies like weddings. Even in India, whenever there is a Christian wedding, these bouquet arrangements find place. These bouquet varieties made from different flowers are not just a treat to the eyes but also extremely beautiful. Bouquets were, are and will be a favourite among people who love flowers, irrespective of how big or small they are, what variety or style they feature, or say, how much they cost.


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