How GiftJaipur Surprised People on Christmas

How GiftJaipur Surprised People on Christmas

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Christmas was just a few days back, and people celebrated it will take much zeal and enthusiasm. We always look for reasons to celebrate and gift something to our loved ones. Christmas is also one such occasion where people celebrate by gifting their loved ones, friends, and family. Receiving gifts on Christmas makes it even more special.

Christmas is celebrated to rejoice the Birth of Jesus. People across the globe celebrate Christmas for welcoming Jesus and start making preparations in advance. The houses are decorated, Christmas tree is adorned as well as cakes and gifts are ordered for family and friends. It is kids who look forward the most to meeting Santa Clause and receiving gifts from him.

On this Christmas, GiftJaipur came up with a new initiative to bring smile and happiness to more and more people. They thought of sending Santa Clause for delivering the gifts.

Wondering how’s that possible? Quite simple! The delivery boys were asked to dress as Santa Clause when they went for delivering the gifts. The Santa outfit is very important when it comes to making the kids happy. The red outfit with signature Santa Cap and a bundle of gifts on back is what excites the kids. Many parents dress as Santa to surprise their kids, but this time parents were happy to see our delivery boys dressed in Santa outfits at their doorsteps.

The moment people heard the doorbell, they were pleasantly surprised to see a Santa standing right at their door with their Christmas gifts. It was just like a dream come true especially for kids. The delivery boys, dressed as Santa, gave gifts to children and their happiness was a moment to cherish. All this while people must have just heard of Santa visiting people and giving gifts, but GiftJaipur made that dream true.

This was a very unique and never thought before Christmas activity by any gift shop. However, when some gift shops make extra efforts and go out of their way to make their customers feel special, it is really incredible.

The Christmas activity was appreciated a lot by people and they received hundreds of positive feedback and thanking messages from the customers. All the messages mentioned how happy and excited kids were to meet the Santa Clause. Not just that, many people even clicked pictures for creating special memories of Christmas with their very own Santa giving gifts.

GiftJaipur is truly are a partner for all your celebrations and occasions. So, next time, you ever think of sending gifts, think GiftJaipur!

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