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Gifting Options for Flowers for Him

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Flowers are one of the best options that come into a person’s mind when they think of presents and occasions. With the natural fragrances, colors and beautiful patterns, flowers are the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you are looking to gift flowers to a man for instance, your father, brother or male friend, then your choice of flowers need to be a little more different than your choices of flowers for female friends. Here are a few options of the types of flowers you can choose from for your baskets and bouquets –

Colorful Roses
Red roses are generally more expensive and have a more romantic feeling and emotion to them. Red roses are generally gifted on anniversaries, romantic events, Valentine’s Day and other such romantic events. If you aren’t going for a more romantic approach while gifting these flowers, then you can choose from a variety of different colors of roses such a light pink, yellow, white and other different colors that are perfect for every occasion. You can easily order a bouquet of colorful flowers online on any gifting websites online that do flower delivery in Kota, Udaipur, Mumbai and other places across the country.

Orchids are some of the most prettiest flowers and are great for gifting male colleagues, male friends, friends and even family members. These aren’t your everyday romantic flowers, so they are perfect for every occasion. Orchids are not easily available at every florist’s store in the city so the best place to buy these are on online websites that have gifting services and flower delivery in Kota, Jodhpur or anywhere across India. Do note that orchids are slightly more expensive than your regular flowers so will need to shell out a few extra bucks to get a bouquet of orchids for your loved one.

Carnations are ever so gorgeous and make for the perfect flowers on occasions and celebrations. Not a lot of people gift carnations as these are not easily available in every town or city. This is why you will need to purchase them from an online gifting website or online florist’s store that provide flower delivery in Kota or smaller towns throughout the country. Since carnations are pretty big flowers, you can get them arranged in a huge vase to support the stem of the flower. This entire arrangement could also be used as a beautiful home décor.

Mixed flowers bouquets
Mixed flowers are great for every occasion and can be used for gifting women, men, kids and older people. You can pick different flowers to set up a bouquet and flower basket for your loved ones. You can easily customize a mixed flower bouquet in a florist’s store or online on a gifting store that does flower decorations and flower gifting. These are generally cheaper than orchids and roses, so you won’t have to worry too much about splurging big on these flowers!

You can also add gourmet chocolates and a beautiful thank you note to your bouquet!


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