Gift card delivery in Jaipur – FAQ


What is a Gift Card?
Gift Cards are similar to Gift Vouchers – they are a secure pre-paid product similar to a Debit card.

What’s the advantage in buying a Gift Card?
Gift cards open up the power of choice to you and the intended recipient of your gift. We have gift cards of different values for you choose from. They are a quick, easy gifting option and can be pre-loaded with a value according to your budget. Gift cards are easily portable and make an elegant gift which you can gift to people across different cities instead of buying a product and couriering it.
*It may not normally be very easy to decide on a gift for your loved ones because you may not be sure what they will like. But with a gift card, they are free to choose any product that they like from any participating store.

What’s the minimum purchase value of a Gift Card?
You are free to choose from multiple values of these, depending on your budget and choice.

Where’s the catch?
There is absolutely no catch. You are free to choose from the variety of values as per your comfort.

Is there any minimum purchase or upper limit applicable for Gift Cards?
The minimum value of card that we suggest is Rs 100/- There is no upper limit as you can buy multiple cards (processed as separate invoices) upto any value that you have in mind for your gift! You can even check the gift card balance at any participating Raymond outlet.

Why should I buy a Gift Card?
Because it is a much more elegant and smart option than buying a product or gifting cash.

Can I use a credit card or debit card to pay for the gift card purchase?
Yes certainly you can.

Can the gift cards be redeemed at any time?
Yes, as per the terms and conditions on the back of the card and on the website mentioned. These Gift Cards are valid for one year from the date of activation. When redeeming your gift card you can even part pay using a combination of Gift Card + Cash or Gift Card + Credit/ Debit Card.

Is the Gift Card redeemable for any product that I may like at the brand stores?
Yes, the gift cards are freely transferable to anyone you wish and redeemable for any product of your choice. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the cards themselves or to the store managers when you visit.

Can I re-load the gift card if I want?
Yes, you can.

Can I use only a part of the gift card’s value?
Yes certainly.

Is there any special id required to be shown when I purchase a gift card?
No it is not required. Your credit card or debit card is enough, should you choose to use them.

How do I know what the balance on my card is?
To know the balance on your gift card, SMS TRS to 9551077575. For example, TRS 1999901230000389. (Standard text messaging rates apply.)

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