Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Employees’ Birthdays in the Office


Birthdays a time for celebration and who said you can’t celebrate a birthday in office? Of course, you have to maintain the office protocol, but you can certainly arrange a celebration by keeping it office-appropriate. Organizing birthdays in the office is not just about having fun but also about making the employees feel recognised and motivated.

Here’s a look at few ideas to celebrate a birthday in office while still keeping the office productive:


  1. Keep birthday cards handy

Birthday cards a formal yet nice way to convey your wishes to the employees on their birthday. A birthday card is suitable because it shows that the office cares without being too distracting. You must choose a big card that should be signed by all the colleagues. You can send an email to everyone to come and sign it. The card can then be presented at the end of the day or during the lunch break if you don’t want to waste your office working hours.

  1. Birthday gift

If you wish to go a step further and team up the birthday card with a gift, you can order an online gift from GiftJaipur as it is one-stop-destination for all your gifting needs. However, when choosing the gift for an employee, you should keep in mind the office protocol. Gift something that is formal as a personal gift should be kept for personal celebrations.

  1. Arranging for the cake

The next important part of a birthday celebration is to arrange for a birthday cake. You can get a customised cake made with the initials of the employee. In fact, the online gift shops are also an ideal place to get the desired cake delivered to your doorstep.

If you wish to innovate a bit and break the stereotypes, you can ditch the idea of a cake and instead order for cupcakes. Instead of one single flavour, you can order a variety of flavours.

  1. Celebrating birthdays once a month

Since you can’t afford to arrange celebrations every now and then, it is a great idea to organise birthday celebrations by choosing a day on month end. This way you can celebrate birthdays of all employees in that month on one single day. Once in a month birthday won’t hamper office working and celebrating multiple birthdays together will make it more fun. It will also make for a good opportunity to take a break from a hectic schedule.

  1. Food arrangements

If you go for once in a month celebration, you can host a big party wherein you can also arrange for food and beverages. If you don’t wish to hire a caterer, you can go with the good old potluck lunch celebration. Potlucks are a great way to go because it offers plenty of options and enough food for the entire office.

  1. Desk decoration

One of the ways to surprise and honour an employee is to decorate their desk before they arrive for work on their birthday. Get some members involved to gather items for celebration. This will make the employee feel special and remembered.

These tips will help in organising a memorable birthday celebration for your employees.

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