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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Colleague’s Birthday at Work

Birthday Occasions

When it’s your colleague’s birthday, it calls for a lot of fun surprises at work to make them smile and make their work day a little less stressful than usual. Here are a few ways to surprise your colleague on their birthday at the office –

  • Buy them customized stationery
    When you work at an office, stationery is one of the most essential items that is used day in and day out. This makes stationery an ideal gift for your colleague on their birthday. But that doesn’t mean you can gift them any stationery from the ecommerce websites! You get customized stationery designed specially for your colleague on their birthday. A lot of ecommerce websites have excellent brands that do customizations for stationery however, they do cost a lot. If you are fine with spending a lot of money on customizing stationery for your colleague, this would be a great option! You can choose from customizing the stationery with their name or initials or even with a movie or TV series theme that they like. For example, you can choose a Harry Potter themed customization for the entire stationery such as the books, diaries, pens, erases as well as the coasters!

  • Plan a cute surprise party
    Everyone loves surprise parties; even the ones who say they hate surprises secretly love surprise parties! This is why this option of a surprise party is great for your colleague’s birthday. You can plan a cute little surprise party with the help of your human resource manager as well as your team members and arrange a customized cake along with some excellent party décor for the lunch room! You can also call for a helium balloons delivery in Jaipur along with an entire set of customized bouquet of flowers and chocolates! You can book party boxes of sweets and appetizers or finger foods such as samosas, chicken nuggets, French fries etc., from Kanha sweets Jaipur for the best price in town! You can further cut down the costs by pitching in money as a team which won’t cost a lot when you divide it per person!
  • Gift them a customized gift hamper
    A gift hamper can have a lot of different items such as stationery, eatables, candy, sweets, makeup, haircare or skincare items or even elaborate electronic options if your budget allows you for it. You can customize an entire gift hamper based on your colleague’s preferences and their favorite things and hobbies. The best way to go about this is to pitch in money to split the costs because a fully customized gift hamper can be super expensive! You can have a cute little greeting card attached inside with well wishes from the entire office as well! Don’t forget to attach balloons and flowers that you would’ve ordered for the party from helium balloons delivery in Jaipur!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on your party planning hat and give your colleague a super sweet surprise that will have him smiling for days!

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