Flowers…the excuse for its own beautiful being!


Flowers, perhaps the prettiest creations of nature, always come your way putting a smile on your face. Red roses are the traditional mandates for weddings, romantic proposals. While all other flowers add colours to every occasion, white hued flowers are the only ones, accompanying us on our last mundane journey.

Flowers have been playing the ‘gift’ and ‘best wishes’ since ages. Be it your birthday, be it your success, be it your ‘Big Day’, be it your anniversary, a bunch of flowers is always a delight to wake up to and start your day with. For those who are unable to manage leaves at their workplace and are going to miss out on the special days of their loved ones, flowers sent as a surprise, though not completely, yet to some extent can make up for your absence. The online services of various florists have made it easier nowadays, to send out to the favourite bouquets of your loved ones on their special days. Like other cities, there are a handful of best florists in Jaipur, as well. This special recommendation is to remind you the availability of rare flowers in all seasons, at these florists.

Some flowers are the inevitable mandates for some particular occasions. Here we will be listing down few of the wedding seasons mandates. If your ‘big day’ is dated in the months of spring or summer, you are going to be spoilt with numerous floral options. Another significant thing to keep in mind before making the choice of your wedding flowers- is the venue of your wedding. The floral strings of your choice should fit into your wedding venue as perfectly as that in a picture. Be it a beach, be it a heritage palace hotel, be it a simple lawn, we have the perfect flowers for your wedding venue.


Wedding parties mostly call for a colourful floral backdrop.

Sunflowers and Gazanias:
The bright golden yellow sunflower secures a place in the list of favourites of many summer brides. These are one of the essential ingredients of for the garden themed wedding locations. Despite the chances of drooping at night, Gazanias, rather ‘Treasure flowers’ are the favourites of many, owing to their vibrant hues. Sunflowers and Gazanias are available in other vibrant hues like red and orange as well.

Daisies and Roses:
No matter which season cusp your wedding falls into, roses are the traditional wedding flowers you can always get. In order to fit into your wedding backdrop, you can get the perfect match of hued roses. Apart from the common red roses, you can choose from the variety of hues including the light green, shades of blue, pink, yellow and what more. Coming to the age-old favourite of ladies, ‘Daisies’ are another bunch of popular wedding flowers.

Peony and Chrysanthemum:
Peonies and Chrysanthemums available in a variety of hues- cream, pink, lavender, red and mahogany are also dominant preferences during the wedding seasons.
Of late, there is a booming craze for palatial wedding venues. The heritage palace hotels of Rajasthan are the popular destinations for such royal themed weddings. In case there are rare preferences of wedding flowers, like the ones needed to be ordered from other states, services for flower delivery in Jaipur are always there to cater to your preferences.

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