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What Flowers To Gift on Which Occasion?

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There is no dearth of floral species in the world. And with so many options available at hand, it can, sometimes, become extremely difficult to zero in on the perfect flowers. But if you know what to look for, your decision gets hundred times easier. So, let’s make things easier for you. Here are some flowers for you and the occasions on which they can be gifted without doubts and apprehensions. Check them out and enhance the repository of your knowledge-

Valentine’s Day or a Birthday Party-

If you are looking for flowers to present to a friend, say on their birthday, then you will need flowers that stand for happiness and friendship. Well, you can go for any variety of flowers, but make sure they are yellow in colour. Most preferably, you can opt for dandelions, tulips or lilies. If the person in question is your significant other, then you can gift a bunch of red carnation, roses or marigold.

Now, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. For Valentine’s Day, you will have to hinge your choice on the nature of your bond with your partner. If the bond is new and you two have just started seeing each other, then you could gift lavender roses, as they denote enchantment. If, however, your relationship is old or you are already married, you can present a bouquet of red tulips to your better half.

online flowers delivery in Jaipur

Flowers for Sad Times-

Flowers for happy occasions are generally bright in colour. But when you need to present someone flowers as a sign of empathy because they are going through a bad phase, you choose flowers in light colours, preferably white. The reason why light colours are chosen is because they ooze out a feeling of calmness and peace.

And that is probably the reason why people use white flowers to pay tribute to the deceased. Although you can present a bunch of flowers on such an occasion, you can also opt for larger floral arrangements. Make sure you choose a flower that marks both respect and love. Although there are many flowers that stand for love and respect, flowers like chrysanthemums, roses and lilies are the most common.

Flowers Perfect for Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries-

There is no specific flower for weddings. And it totally depends on the bride- what she finds beautiful and what she likes. Still, a lot of women go for lilies. Even bridesmaids can opt for this flower variety, but their bouquets should always look smaller than the bride’s. And if possible, make sure the bride’s flowers match with the boutonniere of the groom.

If, however, it’s not a wedding but a wedding anniversary, then too the choice of flowers is subjective. You can go for any kind of flowers you like. But people love to follow a particular rule in this regard. For instance, if the marriage is touching the five-year mark, then the flowers in question could be daisies. Daffodils fit perfectly when the wedding anniversary in question is celebrating the couple’s ten years of conjugal life. If it’s a 25th wedding anniversary, then iris would be the perfect choice.

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