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Five simple and effective organic ways to remove pests from the garden

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There are many houses that have gardens surrounding them decorated with beautiful flowering plants and orchids that are a real visual treat. If gardening is a growing passion or hobby, then it is quite natural to find some frightening elements destroying the garden! The following plants are likely to be harmed by different types of pests and spoil all gardening efforts. Some florists are known to make use of pesticides and other chemicals to get rid of the bugs and pests that generally infest the garden. But containing synthetic chemicals, these only harm the environment. As well as create health problems in both pets and humans. However, there are fortunately present natural organic remedies to fight pest problems without affecting health or damaging the overall environment.

Effective ways to free flowering plants from all types of bugs

The passionate gardener is one who loves his plants and will do everything good and organic to protect the flowering plants. Following the below steps can help the flowers to be safe from bugs.

  • Creating hindrances for the crawlers: Majority of the gardens are infested by slugs. Sprinkling sharp objects surrounding the plant can make crawling a difficult task. Break egg shells, distribute into spare space surrounding the plants. Coffee grounds can also be used.

florist in Jaipur

  • Ensuring healthy flowers: According to the experts, bugs tend to target those stressed, unhealthy and weak plants. The garden can be pest free by maintaining good health of the plants and flowers. Check regular for garden health. It can be achieved with regular inspection. Identify pest infestations and infections, damaged leaves, and changed leaf colour. Take immediate steps, so as to kill or repel plants if found unhealthy or infested and make it healthy once again.
  • Repel pests with organic herbs: There are available aromatic herbs, which when used can protect the blooms from pest infestation. Highly scented herbs such as lemongrass, mint are to be used to repel insects away. Chilli powder can also be sprinkled to deter ants.
  • Lure and trap: This is the most popular method that is used for centuries for trapping all types of animals and pests. Slugs also love beer! Although safe for human consumption, it can prove to be toxic for the slugs and other slugs. Pour beer into shallow container and the insects are likely to attracted towards it automatically and get trapped.
  • Create own insect repellent at home: Naturally available, organic pesticides are considered to be highly effective and completely safe to be used on plants. Since they work slowly, it is necessary to use them regularly and persistently to derive better results. When spraying, ensure to do on the leaves’ underside since it is the perfect place for the pests to hide.

With some efforts and choosing organic ingredients, it is possible to keep the garden and the blooms pest and bug free. Consulting the reputed and experienced florist in Jaipur is sure to help find plenty of ideas.

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