Exotic flowers that are the best presents


Flowers are the safest gift that you can give. They are beautiful and charming. They can send the message that you care for the person. Also,flowers can be an intimate gift or a formal one, according to the circumstance. There is no other gift as flexible as flowers because you can give it to your spouse as well as your boss. A bouquet of flowers is the best gift idea that you can come up with. But, if you are bored giving the same old roses and lilies, then it is time that you tried out some new and exotic flowers in the market.


Here are some extraordinary flowers that are available even at the florist in Jaipur

Orchids –

The orchids are the most beautiful exotic flowers. They come in white, purple, pink and other colours. They belong to the Orchidaceae family. Some of the orchids are fragrant and have a mesmerising effect on the receivers.

Callas –

These are enchanting flowers that are unique and out of the league. They belong to the family Araceae. They are basically from the cool temperate regions. But, today you can find them in all the flowers shops.  These flowers usually grow inside ponds.

Lotus –

This is a very out of the box idea. It is not often that you receive a bunch of lotuses. Lotus grows in muddy ponds. They are very beautiful and come in feminine colours such as white, pink, purple and yellow. A lotus is breath-taking when it is fully bloomed. You can try giving your girlfriend a bunch of lotuses and she will surely like this new idea.

Dendrobium –

It is one of the types of orchids. The flower is magnificent. It is mostly found in Southand EastAsia. The name literally means the one who lives on trees. The plant is actually an epiphyte. They are found in pink, white and purple colours.

Cymbidium –

It is also known as boat orchid. The shape of the flower is boat like, thus giving it its name. It is a found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. The flowers are usually pink and purple.


Heliconia is known by different names due to its strange shape. It is called as lobster claw, wild plantain and false bird of paradise. The flower has multi-color bracts. It has a varied flower structure. The flower grows downwards in a chain like manner. The shape of the flower resembles the beaks of a large parrot. The Heliconias are mostly grown in tropical America and Indonesia. They belong to the family Heliconiaceae. The flower is yellow, red and orange in colour.

Sunflower –

This is one bright flower that can cheer your mood in no time. The bright yellow flowers spread happiness where ever they grow or go.

If you want to send flowers in Jaipur India, then these are some of the out of the ordinary flowers that make the most fabulous gifts. These enchanting blooms have an idiosyncratic flair that can make your loved one happy and thank you whole hearte

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