Different types of anniversary cakes and their charm

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We all love to indulge in a few delicious treats from time to time, don’t we? And what makes a tastier treat than cakes? Well, when it comes to cakes, anniversary cakes are a particular favourite not only because they come with beautiful embellishments, but you also get to try out different types of flavours that you generally do not come across.
Did you know that it was part of the wedding cake tradition that the top tier of the wedding cake be stored for a year and then be eaten as the first anniversary cake? Wow! Thank God, not everyone follows this tradition because let’s face it, it is hard to store a cake for a year and plus you can easily order anniversary cake online these days! Want to try out some really tantalizing and delicious anniversary cakes this time? Well, then here are a few suggestions that you can try out:

1. Honey butter cream and pistachio cake: If you want to indulge in a creamy yet wonderful delight, then this cake is something that you should definitely try out. The pistachios add a crunchy flavour to the cake and the honey butter cream simply melts in your mouth. This is a definite chef’s special cake that can be topped with beautiful white frosted flowers on top. This one is guaranteed to be a hit for an anniversary brunch celebration.
2. Mascarpone Cream and Toasted Almond cake: This is another classic cake that comes with white frosting. The toasted almonds are a treat for your taste buds and the mascarpone cream brings a definite freshness to your palate. If you want to keep it light but also make it look grand, then this is one cake that will work well for your anniversary celebrations. You can order a two-tiered cake if you will be entertaining a large number of guests.
3. Black forest cake: Nothing beats the classic chocolate covered black forest cake. No matter how many times one has this cake, it never gets boring! This is sure to be a hit in your anniversary party. When you order anniversary cake online india you will get hold of this flavour very easily as well. Topped with a simple glazed cherry topping, these cakes are a sumptuous delight!
4. Vanilla cake with apricot butter creams: If you want your cake to be light and fluffy but with a heavy filling, then this is the one you should go for. This cake comes with a pastel coloured frosting which will go well with any kind of anniversary celebration- may it be your anniversary lunch or dinner. Topped with beautifully carved and frosted white flowers, this cake will surely be a hit.
5. Banana Cake:If you want to step out of the regular classic cake circle then you can opt for the delicious banana cake. This cake comes in layers and is very easy to make. If you want to surprise your spouse, then you can try it out at your home as well!
So, these are some of the different types of anniversary cakes that not only spell difference but also have a charm of their own. Try one of these out today!

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