Did you know these cake facts?


Birthday cakes are a must have without fail but why is that so? Well, there are several reasons why people get special birthday cakes but did you know how it all started? If not, here is a list of some interesting facts that we bet you never knew about cakes.


• It all started in the 8th century by the Romans. They celebrated birthdays or any events with a honey beard like cake and soon the tradition evolved. This then led to having fancy big cakes for birthdays! In the early 1800s, the items for baking cakes were not found much and used to be expensive so people started baking cakes at home and now we can send birthday cake online India so easily.

• Did you know that the tradition of adding candles on top of the birthday cake came from ancient Greeks? They would offer moon shaped cakes to the Goddess of Moon, Artemis and to symbolize the moon’s shining light, they would add candles to these little cakes. They would blow the candles while making a wish to the Goddess of Moon. It was also said that people would blow one candle at the time so more smoke is created as the smoke would carry their prayers till heaven. Although we do not believe in blowing one candle at a time, but we surely follow this tradition without fail.

• If your birthday is on the November 26th, you are basically celebrating your birthday and National Cake day!

• Earlier cakes were made with bread ingredients and extra butter, chocolate plus eggs were added for flavour. They would also shape this cake bread into a round shape to make it seem like a proper cake. But it was basically bread made for tea time or small birthday gatherings. Now the process of making a cake has advanced to another level. You will find different shapes, sizes, decorations, colours and so much more in a cake. It has become an artistic thing!

• Keeping fruit cake under your pillow during the olden days was considered as good luck. Most unmarried girls would do this to get married at the earliest and also find a nice man for themselves.

• What once was defined as flat bread with eggs, butter and cream is now an artwork that contains so many ingredients. We have more than 100 different types of cake around the world and every country has its own special type of cake.

• It is said that people would travel far away to get birthday cakes from bakeries when the craze had just begun while nowadays you can just buy birthday cakes online India without moving from your sofa. During those days, the baking ingredients were extremely expensive and only the wealthy owned bakeries as their business. There were limited techniques and tools to create a birthday cake.

We are sure you are stunned and shocked to read some of these intriguing facts about birthday cakes. Well, so don’t ever forget a cake on someone’s birthday!

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