Choosing the Right Cake Design for Your Dad’s 50th Birthday


So, it’s your dad’s 50th birthday, and you want to surprise him with the most unique and amazing cake in the world. Well, you can ensure this in many different ways- you can bring him the largest cake possible, you can bake the cake yourself, or you can order an extremely expensive cake, but nothing can match up to the effectiveness that a cake with a 50th birthday theme will have. So, what makes you wait? Check out these amazing 50th birthday themes on which you would love to base your dad’s cake-


  1. Book and a spectacle– So, your dad loves reading. Well, every dad loves reading, but when you let him know this with a beautiful cake with the design of a book and a spectacle, his face will break into a big broad smile. This cake can have two meanings- first, it can reflect your dad’s love for reading, as mentioned above; secondly, it could mean he would need more of both the things, since he steps into his fifties with this birthday.
  2. Hobby themed cake– Everyone has hobbies, and your dad can’t be an exception. So, what hobby does your dad pursue? Is he a golf lover? If so, you can probably get him a cake that features a hockey stick and a ball in miniature scale. Does he love playing chess? If yes, then the cake you bring him can look like a chess board. Does he enjoy listening to music? In that case, you can get the cake printed with the music symbol or a CD. So, basically you will need to make the cake reflect your dad’s hobby, which he will immensely appreciate.
  3. Personalised cake– A family photo is what your dad will value most. And no, you won’t have to frame it and gift it to him on his 50th birthday; you can get it printed on your dad’s cake. So, it will be a cake with something on top of it that will simply melt your dad’s heart. There are cake shops these days that offer this service. All you have to do is make an enquiry regarding whether or not the cake shop you have approached offers this service.
  4. Number 50 cake– Another amazing way to celebrate your dad’s 50th birthday is with a cake in the shape of the number fifty. Do cake shops offer such numeric designs? Most do! And it again depends on the level of expertise the cake shop boats of. For best results, approach a shop that has previous experience in baking such cakes.

Your dad’s 50th birthday is really special, and you should leave no stone unturned to make him feel special on this day. The above-mentioned are a few ways in which you can make your daddy feel like the most special daddy in the world. Indeed, a cake can do wonders as a gift item, and you can go for one especially when you have a budget to mind. And don’t worry, any company offering online cake delivery in Jaipur will be able to meet your demands.


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